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WFCCC October/November 2020 Updates

Posted by Rich Sankovich on December 6, 2020 at 5:20 PM

WFCCC Secretary/Treasurer Report October/November 2020 1. October 2020 – checking account ending balance was $54,007, with bills totaling $4,615 and income at $14,179, which included dues, shoots, soda machine and raffle. $515 was transferred from Checking account to Scholarship CD. Current Club CD balance was $501 and Scholarship CD balance at $16,785. Land Loan Balance was $16,939. Major payouts during October were for Land Loan, Trout stocking and tractor payment. 2. November 2020 – checking account ending balance was $50,427, with bills totaling $9,552 and income at $5,973, which included dues and soda machine. $20 was transferred from Checking account to Scholarship CD which is currently valued at $16,806. Club CD Value is at $501. Land Loan balance was $15,031. Major Payouts for November were $1994 land loan, $3292 for Fish wagon, $384 for tractor payment and $2,355 for Property Taxes for Shenandoah County land. 3. The two new Trac phones have been installed at Club for emergency 911 use. One at Clubhouse and one at Pistol shooting range. 4. The Fish Wagon delivered our order on November 18 and Marshall, Kirk, Steve and Rich hauled all the buckets up to lake and dumped them in. Water was 48 degrees that day and dissolved oxygen in lake at 10-12ppm. A walk around lake on 12/4/20 showed one dead minnow, so it looks good at this point for our fish survival. 5. The Main sign up at our shooting ranges has blown over and the feet/timber basically rotted and the wind blew it down. 6. Jeff Feltner replaced the Flue stack off of our chimney in the center of the Clubhouse. He has started the 12 ga. Still target shoots I believe on November 28 at our clubhouse. 7. The annual notice for the Mac Tlumach Conservation Scholarships to all 10 High School’s in our membership area will be sent to their respective Guidance Departments during the first week of January 2021. In addition, the information will also be published in the Winchester Star newspaper community bulletin board/club news sections also for High Schools/Private Schools and Home Schooled Seniors to apply. Interesting note is during 2020, even after publishing for Private, and Home Schooled Seniors, we did not receive one application from either. 8. If you did not notice the $2,355 property tax paid to Shenandoah County on our properties there, here is an update. We lost our Forested Land Use exemption as of December 6 or 9, 2019 because of failure to file for the Forested Use Exemption for 2020, which we have since found out must be filed annually on or before December 5th each year. We did not receive any property tax billing for first half 2020 because Shenandoah County only updates their records once per year, so the billing received for our Taxes due by December 5th, 2020 was for a full year with no reduction for Forested Land Use and also included penalty for failure to pay the First Half 2020. We also found out that they do not and will not rebill a property tax bill once sent. So with all that said, the bill which should have been a $370 total for the year was $2,355. We are currently trying to file a 2020 Forested Land Use exemption form by Monday December 9th and Steve Hunt will be in Woodstock at the Government Building at 8 am to try to fill out and file for those two properties for a 2021 tax relief. As they do not send the forms out or have them on line to download and print, I am hopeful as I write this report of Steve Hunt being successful. 9. The Triennial (every 3 years) request from WFCCC to the Frederick Co. Commissioner of Revenue – Seth Thatcher, was sent in to Frederick Co. requesting that our Non-Profit/Non-Property Tax paying position be ratified for another 3 year period as required by Frederick County Va. Rules. We await word from the Commissioners office as to our status for 2021 to 2024 which should be available after December 16, 2020. As we currently have properties in land, buildings, improvements and tractors valued over $1.75 million in Frederick Co., a property tax levi on the club would undoubtedly cause a major increase in dues, shoots cost, rental donations etc. to cover that increase in payouts. 10. The current membership statistics are as follows – as of 12/1/20, we have 1293 members on the role and have collected $74,620 in dues for 2021 membership year since June 15, 2020. Our total college raffle ticket sales money was $3223, and we took in additional donations and the raffle at last yearly meeting of $508 in proceeds. Total deposited in Scholarship CD fund this year was $3731

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