Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club Inc

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October 7, 2020 WFCCC Meeting Minutes

Posted by Rich Sankovich on October 8, 2020 at 2:40 PM

Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc.

Minutes from October 7, 2020 Membership Meeting

Officers present: Eric Heflin, Steve Hunt, Marshall Shiley, Rich Sankovich 1. Meeting opened with prayer led by Eric Heflin 2. Minutes of September 16, 2020 membership meeting read and approved by membership. 3. Treasurers report: As of October 1, 2020 there is $44,443 in checking account, $16,269 in Scholarship CD, One Club CD valued at $501, and Principle Balance on 97 acre land loan was $18,840. Major payments made in September were $1994 on Land Loan, $384 on Tractor Loan, $350 to Winchester Star, $550 for Scholarship raffle prizes, $1,295 to MMG Property Insurance. Major income deposited into checking account was $20,812, which was for dues, shoots and raffle ticket sales money. $1055 in raffle ticket sales/donation was transferred from Checking account into Scholarship CD account. All other utility, facilities services and supplies bills were also paid. Membership approved report. 4. Four new members were sworn in to Club. 5. $569 turned in from Trap shoots. – Thanks to Mike Collins and Jim Osborn for all their work running the Clay Bird shoots this past year. The Clay bird shoots will begin again in April 2021 on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm. 6. Lake conditions reported on as good with 10-12 ppm PPM dissolved Oxygen, water temp at 66 degrees. Membership advised that 300 Trout will be stocked on October 8, 2020 at 10 am and fishing can begin immediately. 7. Emergency Phones have been installed at Shoot range and Club house. You must break glass, pull out track phone, hit button to turn phone on and then dial 911. The phones are for emergencies at club and will only allow a 911 call. These phones/case and charger cost around $150 one time and replace the Verizon phone at Clubhouse which was costing club $1300 yearly. 8. Discussion held on property boundaries, posting and possible liability. Concerns raised from some members that they could not identify the west, north and east boundaries of main property. Membership assured that WFCCC boundaries were posted a few months back, that our neighbors all have Posting signs facing our property boundary and that our signs are on the outward side of our property, so that you need to look a little harder for the signage that is on the trees. 9. Scholarship raffle conducted for multiple prizes at the meeting for items donated by Kirk Gordon and Jim Osborn. The raffle raised $287 from members present all of which was designated for the WFCCC Scholarship fund. 10. Noted that Arkansas Pond Stockers will be at Club on 11/18/20 to stock our lake with Crappie, Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Red Ear Sun Fish, Blue Gills and a few thousand minnows. 11. As of 10/7/20 - $62,890 in dues collected for 2021 and $3203 in raffle tickets sold. 1157 Renewals/New for 2021 with 179 that are new members. 12. Derek Keckic – DWR conservation officer addressed meeting with information on game laws and CWD testing this year. There are no mandatory days for Deer testing this year in our membership areas. There are still refrigerated units located in Frederick Co. for head collection and testing which is voluntary. There is a refrigeration unit, paperwork and plastic bags for your deer head located on porch of Clubhouse if you would like to have it tested. Several local deer processors are also contracted to save and turn in head’s of deer to DWR Biologists for testing. 13. Meeting adjourned.

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