Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club Inc

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September 16, 2020 WFCCC Meeting minutes

Posted by Rich Sankovich on September 20, 2020 at 9:00 AM

Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc.Minutes from September 16, 2020 Membership Meeting

Officers present: Eric Heflin, Steve Hunt, Marshall Shiley, Rich Sankovich

1. Meeting opened with prayer led by Eric Heflin 2. Minutes of August 18, 2020 membership meeting read and approved by membership. 3. Treasurers report: As of September 1, 2020 there is $31,373 in checking account, $15,714 in Scholarship CD, One Club CD value was $500, and Principle Balance on 97 acre land loan was $20,640 with over $50,000 paid on principle using Club CD’s proceeds. Major payments made in August were $1994 on Land Loan, $384 on Tractor Loan, $608 for Officers & Directors Insurance, $3560 to Philadelphia Liability Insurance. Major income deposited into checking account was $14,464, which was for dues, shoots and raffle ticket sales money. $525 in raffle ticket sales was transferred from Checking account into Scholarship CD account. All other utility, facilities services and supplies bills were also paid. Membership approved report. 4. Eleven new members were sworn in to Club. 5. Two Hats, Knife and bag donated by Kirk Gordon for auction to be raffled off at October meeting along with Knives donated by Jim Osborn. 6. $527 turned in from Trap shoots. 7. Lake conditions reported on as good with 8-9 ppm PPM dissolved Oxygen and new aeration system running 4 times daily in two hour increments. Membership advised that 300 Trout will be stocked on October 8, 2020 at 10 am and fishing can begin immediately. 8. Members voted on Two year Directors from seven applicants, and also voted to accept same officers as 2020 for Club as no one stepped forward to be included in voting. 9. Cub Scout Pack 45 asked permission and was voted on by membership as being OK to meet in our buildings. They will meet every other Tuesday 6:30 to 7:30 pm year round. 10. Discussion held concerning hunting on property while shooting ranges are in use. Members reminded that lower 30 acres of property where all range are at is a No Hunting area and hunting is allowed from ridge top above ranges and lake during the hunting seasons. 11. Discussion held concerning a Tree stands and other stands that were abandoned by owner on Club Property being removed. Person and members reminded that the rules in effect for many years were “No permanent tree stands” and if left on property, are considered abandoned. Tree stands must be in and out same day per Club rules, and this rule has been mentioned at most every meeting leading into hunting season for years. 12. As of 9/16/20 - $50,080 in dues collected for 2021 and $3071 in raffle tickets sold. 944 Renewals/New for 2021 with 148 that are new members. 13. Scholarship Raffle drawing held – Winners as follows: Vincent Poling – Collectors edition knife and case, Thomas Coates II - $100, Joan Robey - $100(donated back to scholarship fund), Elwood Patterson - $150, George Luttrell - $300. Collectors Edition knife and case present to Terry Feltner for selling over $400 in raffle tickets 14. Short presentation to membership of 3 new policies and a statement for Officer & Directors. The Policies were for Document retention & destruction, Whistleblower, and Conflict of Interest, and required by the Federal Government to have for Non-Profit organizations. The 3 policies and Statement were voted on and approved by more than 2/3 membership present to become an addendum to WFCCC Constitution and By-Laws effective immediately. 15. Noted that Darryl Feltner donated $100 to scholarship fund – Thanks Darryl! 16. Meeting adjourned.

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