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DGIF DEER TESTING FOR CWD for Club Members & others!

Posted by Rich Sankovich on November 8, 2019 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

There is a refrigerator along with bags and map to register your Deer HEAD for testing for CWD located on the porch at the Club house. If you wish to have your deer tested, take head to club, place in bag, fill out paperwork and place with it in the refrigerator and you will be supplied with results when available.


Rich Sankovich and our friends at the DGIF

Fish kill at Club Lake - Updated 3/10/20

Posted by Rich Sankovich on September 29, 2019 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Lake was inspected last week and lots of dead minnows, and some bass, panfish, crappie and catfish were lining the shoreline.

Dissolved oxygen readings at 6 points around lake on Friday 9/27/19 were from 0.8ppm to 1.8ppm - air temp 78 - water temp 75

Dissolved oxygen readings at 6 points around lake on Sunday 9/29/19 were from 0.6ppm to 0.9ppm - air temp 85 - water temp 78

Dissolved oxygen readings at 6 points around lake on Wednesday 10/2/19 were from 0.9ppm to 1.0ppm - air temp 91 - water temp 78

Dissolved oxygen readings at 4 points around lake on Tuesday 10/8/19 were from 1.0ppm to 1.2ppm - air temp 55 - water temp 66

Dissolved oxygen readings at 2 points around lake on Monday 10/14/19 were from 2.9ppm to 3.1ppm - air temp 71 - water temp - 70

Dissolved oxygen readings at 2 points around lake on Sunday 10/20/19 were from 2.9ppm to 3.0ppm - air temp 55 - water temp 57

Dissolved oxygen readings at 2 points around lake on Wednesday 10/30 were from 3.3ppm to 3.4ppm - air temp 65 - water temp 59

Dissolved oxygen readings at 2 points around lake on Friday 11/8/19 were from 5.0 ppm to 5.1 ppm - air temp 36 F - water temp 50 F

Dissolved oxygen readings at 3 points around lake on Tuesday 11/19/19 were from 5.1 ppm to 5.4 ppm - air temp 49 F - water temp 44 F

Dissolved oxygen readings at 3 points around lake on Friday 12/6/19 were from 2.8 ppm to 3.3 ppm - air temp 51 F - water temp 42 F

Dissolved oxygen readings taken at two points around lake on Wednesday 2/5/20 were from 8-10 ppm dissolved oxygen in lake water - air temp 62 F - Water temp 46 F

Dissolved oxygen readings taken a one point at Lake today Wednesday 2/12/20 was from    8-10 ppm dissolved oxygen in lake water - air temp 46 F- Water temp - 43 F

Dissolved oxygen reading taken at one point at Lake Wednesday 3/4/20 was 10-12PPM dissolved oxygen in lake water - air temp 62 F - Water temp 48 F

Dissolved oxygen reading taken at one point at Lake Tuesday 3/10/20 was 12 PPM dissolved oxygen in lake water - air temp 71 F - Water temp 52 F - Water PH at 7.0

The PPM concentration of dissolved oxygen in lake came up.

Next readings will take place in near future see if additional improvements have been made due to lower air temperature, rain and wind!


The readings taken at Lake on 10/2/19 caused the club to Cancel the stocking of Lake on 10/10/19.

The Trout stocking will not take place during 2019 as per Board of Directors decision on 12/10/19

This message will be updated as readings are taken.

Rich Sankovich - Secretary WFCCC updated 3/10/20

Trail Cam - Salt Block - Deer Cocaine & a Ladder tree stand

Posted by Rich Sankovich on August 22, 2019 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We now have a group of members doing survey's on our properties looking for ILLEGAL baiting of wild game as well as the ABANDONED tree stands on our properties. Three treestands have been removed or destroyed to date and word is that 11 more are out there waiting for new owners or destruction where they are located. If YOU left one on our property, don't be surprised to find it gone or destroyed in place before the upcoming deer season. The NO TREESTAND LEFT BEHIND RULE(same day In & Out) has been in place for all properties of WFCCC for at least the last 15 to 20 years. In addition, a Salt Mineral Block and pile of Deer Cocaine was located above our lake at the Frederick Co. property last week. The Primos Game camera at that location has been removed and the ILLEGAL Bait station buried. If you see anyone carrying in a ladder stand on any of our properties or find Bait stations located anywhere on our owned or leased properties, please alert any Club officer or Director as to its location so it can be remediated.

Update as of 9/2/19 - 5 more abandoned Tree Stands have been removed from our main club property. In addition, a pile of molasses covered deer corn was also found and buried 200 yards above the site where the deer cocaine and salt block was located north of our club lake.

Update 9/24/19 - Three more abandoned Tree Stands have been removed.

Baiting Deer is ILLEGAL Year Round - Read your Virginia Game Laws! 

Baiting Deer leads to the spread of CWD of which there are numerous cases of in Frederick County reported by DGIF in last 5 plus years. Stop the spread of disease among our DEER population before we don't have a DEER season in our county by not baiting them! Licking stations, Salt Blocks, piles of corn, powdered attractants all can lead to the spread of this disease from an infected deer to the non-infected by saliva transfer on those baits and attractants!


Rich Sankovich - Secretary WFCCC

Pistol Range condition as of April 3, 2019 - Thank You!

Posted by Rich Sankovich on April 5, 2019 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

A visit to the Club pistol range on Wednesday this past week to see how the new targets were fairing brought a smile to my face! All five targets were in very good condition with only one top 2 x 4 holding the target material having had a few bullets pass through. The range was policed well with all target materials picked up and placed in the trash as well as the shelter being swept of used cartridges from members handguns. I would personally like to Thank all of you that have used it in past 10 days for the care and consideration you have shown in use and maintenance of this area. One person was found to have been shooting clay birds on the Pistol range this week and that has since been rectified. Remember, our ranges are paper targets only and we do appreciate your co-operation.

Rich Sankovich

WFCCC Secretary

Trespassing on Property adjacent to Club Boundary

Posted by Rich Sankovich on June 11, 2018 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

A WFCCC member was found tresapassing on a property adjacent to our Club's northern property boundary multiple times off of WhiteTail Lane this past year. He was prosecuted for this action by the landowner. His membership in our Club has subsquently been revoked by the Board of Directors for WFCCC as this is a direct violation of the Club's Constitution and By-Laws relating to respecting other peoples property rights. There was another Club member also found hunting on an ajacent property to this one and told to leave and was not prosecuted. The Club's intent is to always be a good neighbor to those whose property borders ours. We strongly encourage you as members to obey the NO Trespassing signs posted on other peoples property and verify you are hunting on Club property by ensuring you are within our Club boundaries. Our bordering property neighbors have a low tolerance for intentional criminal trespass as evidenced by this prosecution, so please follow the Game Laws and the Rules of the Club to avoid the same outcome this previous member received.

Rich Sankovich - Secretary WFCCC 6/11/18

Tree Stands & Courteous Hunting by members

Posted by Rich Sankovich on November 12, 2017 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

As noted in the forum and home page, members are erecting tree stands on our properties and leaving them. This is against club rules and the treestands need removed immediately. If anyone finds a tree stand on our property, you have the right to remove it and the previous owner has no recourse if you do as it is against the club rules to leave it on any of our properties and we are encouraging them to remove it.

It has also been reported that some of our members are being discourteous to other members hunting by acknowleging there presence while hunting and then staging themselves with in 50 yards of that person. This is an unsafe practice and you need to keep at least 100 yards or more between you and another hunter. It is common curtesy to distance yourself from another hunter and is important to both hunters safety.

Rich Sankovich - WFCCC Secretary 11/12/17

2nd Eagle Scout Project COMPLETED at Club

Posted by Rich Sankovich on May 4, 2017 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (1)

The  6 x 6 posts for the second Eagle Scout Project at the Club for installing additional benches at the Lake, Playground and Trap Range has begun! The Project is being led by Douglas Lunceford with BSA Troop 63 and the posts were installed in the concrete footers 2 weeks ago. Next step is the framework, seating and back rests. I expect the project will be completed by end of May or early June.

The second Eagle Scout Project was completed at the Club and Douglas came to May 17, 2017 meeting to report on same.

Congratulations to Douglas on his Eagle Scout Project Work!

Eagle Scout Projects approved at WFCCC

Posted by Rich Sankovich on April 4, 2017 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

     The Shenandoah Area Boy Scout Council has approved Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc. properties as a recipient for Eagle Scout projects. This approval paves the way for future projects that benefit the welfare of members, guests and the environment to be conducted at our properties. A Boy Scout pursuing his Eagle rank in scouting must develop a plan for approval that includes a description of benifit to be obtained, plans and drawings if applicable, materials list, estimated costs, fund raising, gather a workforce and manage the installation of the improvement and then submission of the after action report to the Eagle Scout board of review.

    One project already completed is the six new benches surrounding our lake.

Eagle Scout Project at Club Completed

Posted by Rich Sankovich on December 11, 2016 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Peter Mangione has completed his Eagle Scout project at our fishing lake with the installation of six new benches installed around our lake, Each bench is sitting on treated 6 x 6 timber embedded in concrete and also has our club logo on the top back board of the benches.  Very comfortable seating for our fishing members and families. A Special Thank You to Peter as well as his father who is a member of our Club. There is a picture of one of the new benches at our lake at the TOP Left on our Home page on this web site.

Congratulations and Thank You Peter!

Rich Sankovich - WFCCC Secretary 12/10/16

Our New 97 acre property in Shenandoah County

Posted by Rich Sankovich on October 10, 2015 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

I have added a new header to this web site. It is labeled "97acresShenCo" If you click on that header, you will see directions to and a map of our 97 acre property in Shenandoah County.

Rich Sankovich