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Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club Inc


Calcutta Saturday 6/3
$30 16, 23, 27 yards
Signup starts at 11am



Food on the grill around 5:30.

4 rounds of 10 shots (2 rounds from 16, 1 round from 23, 1 round from 27)

$20 for all 4   

Payouts for shootoff winners 10/10, 9/10, sometimes 8/10.

Shoot your own shells.

Thanks to Ethan Homesley for our updated Frederick County map.

Go to 460acresFredCo. page for button to open full size printable map.

September 26, 2022

Annual Election Results


Jim Osborn - President

Marshall Shiley - Vice President

Steve Hunt - Treasurer

Paul Woomer - Secretary

New 2 year Directors

Mike Collins

Ken Corbett

Jeffrey Feltner

Kirk Gordon

Eric Riley

Duncan Schofield

Remaining 1 Year Directors

Jeff Feltner

Terry Feltner

Eric Heflin

Bill Michael

Barbara Gamble

Gerald Hendricks

Winchester-Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc.

Established 1968

Enjoying the Great Outdoors and

*Celebrating our 55th Year - 2023*

Mission of Winchester-Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc.

  • Protect the game and fish we have by law enforcement. 
  • Endeavor to strengthen our laws in all legitimate ways. 
  • Use available means for restocking our forests and streams with game and fish. 
  • Promote the dissemination of sound principles of conservation to the public. 
  • Co-operation with all public officials, organizations and individuals in the protection, conservation and development of our natural resources.
  • Earnestly work for the eradication of pollution from our streams. 
  • Protect and extend our forests to restore unproductive lands by reforestation, planting soil building game cover and food plants, provide wildlife refuge, propagate facilities and to use all other means of developing and conserving our woods, waters, and wildlife.

New WFCCC Individual Members

You can Join the Club by going to Middletown Firearms in Middletown, Va. or Stonewall Arms Winchester, VA. Cash or check only, or come to one of the monthly meetings and join there.

Residents of Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Shenandoah Counties in Virginia and all cities and towns within these geographical areas are eligible for membership.

$100 to join which includes first year Dues.

Renewing Individual Members under age 65 at 6/15/2023 --- $65.00 per year when paid on or before last meeting date

Renewing Individual Members age 65 or older at 6/15/2023 - $35.00 per year when paid on or before last meeting date.

Membership update

The 2024 Renewal and New membership period starts on June 15, 2023 and those memberships currently will be available at Middletown Firearms, and through the mail as of that day. The 2024 membership card will be good from June 15, 2023 until end of day October 31, 2024. A NEW member joining on June 15, 2023 or after receives a 2024 membership that is valid for up to 15 months.  

New Individual members are requested to attend the first scheduled club meeting the month after they joined. This meeting is for swearing in, receiving club information, receiving club decal for vehicles, familiarize themselves with club rules and regulations and receive Welcomes from existing club members.  New Individual Members signing up at Middletown Firearms can begin using their membership same day as they joined.

Shelter Reservations

Shelter Reservations are handled by Eric Heflin.

He will be happy to schedule your date and provide information.


Fishing at WFCCC 

  • A Virginia State fishing license is required for all fishermen over the age of 16. 
  • A Va. State trout stamp is not required while fishing the lake on club property. 
  • The Lake is stocked 4 times yearly with large trout and fishing is allowed by members & their spouses, children and grandchildren under the age of 18 of members immediate family. 
  • The limit is 4 trout per day per person; This includes whether you put them on your stringer, someone's stringer or give them away. No catch and release on trout caught.  
  • 4 Black Crappie (8" in length) per day per person.  
  • Largemouth Bass fishing is closed in our lake. 
  • Stocked Triploid Grass Carp caught in the lake should be immediately released as they control the vegetation growth in our lake. 
  • Lake is open for fishing before, during and after the March 25 & April 28 stocking. ***Note***First stocking delayed until 11:30 am Friday March 25.

Service Work needed at Club 

GOT A TRUCK? Can you Help Out?

The trash cans at the lake and the shooting ranges get filled with trash from our fisherman and shooters. 

Can you empty one or some or all in our dumpster when you are done fishing or shooting at the Club?

A lot of work at our Club is performed by our Members volunteering to make it happen.

We are able to keep our dues lower than any Club around because our Members participate in helping out.

Your HELP is always appreciated.


Mac Tlumach Conservation

College Scholarship Winner's 2012 to present

2012 - Tyler Paine $750

2014 - Ali Oliver $1000

2015 - Davis Weddle $1000

2016 - Hannah Wilson $1000

2017 - Kendall Benoit $1000, Madelne Festa $500, 

Rachel Shumway $500

2018 - Jared Rice $500, Brandon McDonald $500, 

Sydney Aschenbrenner $500, Eleanor Welch $500

2019 - Zach Otley $500, Christopher Pate $500, 

Kelsie Keene $500, Erin Orgen $500

2020 - Reagan Johnson $500, Charles Shepley $500,

Chloe Phillips $500, Mindi Freed $500

2021 -Sara Murray $500, Grace Lilly $500, 

Luke Brumback $500, Sam Brumback $500

$13,750 to date awarded in College scholarships to 23 Students pursuing a Conservation based field of higher education by WFCCC

The Annual Club Scholarship Raffle Ticket sales, Meeting and Picnic 50/50's, slated picnic auction items, and directed donations are the sole support of this worthy program.

Notice To all Pistol Range Shooters

We expect to replace the backing materials as part of regular upkeep at the Pistol Range.  Please contact any Board member for assistance in helping us put up fresh stands when needed.

Paper Targets only - NO cans, bottles, water jugs, steel plates, drum lids, rolling or spinning targets etc. allowed on Pistol or Rifle Ranges.

GUESTS of Members MAY NOT SHOOT at these ranges and  NO GUESTS allowed on or at Shooting Ranges at any time.

No Shotguns, Rifles or A/R's on Pistol Range.  We request that AR pistols also are not used on the pistol range.  223/5.56 generate velocities inappropriate for the 15 yard range. 

NO Fully Automatic weapons allowed on Pistol or Rifle Range and NO BUMP stocks allowed at any range.

All Pistol and Rifle Ranges OPEN at 8 am and CLOSE at 1/2 hr. before SUNDOWN. 

Club Member's & Family versus Guests

The statements below are being added at the request of some perspective members for clarification purposes. 

1. A Club Member carries their up to date dues paid membership card with them on any Club property at all times and produces it when asked to be seen.

2. A Club Member can bring their spouse, as well as  their child and or grandchild under the age of 18 to Target Shoot, Hunt and Fish on Club Properties.(Age 16 or older must have a DGIF Fishing license to Fish)

3. A Club Member must be present with the above Family members ANY TIME they are on Club properties and have their Membership card with them. There is no such thing as a Family Membership Card. The Card is issued to the Person, not Family.

4. A Guest is someone who is NOT one of the above people, but is with a Current Club Member who has their membership card with them.  They are NOT allowed to Target Shoot, Hunt or Fish on or at any Club property.

5. A Guest is NEVER allowed to be PRESENT at the Pistol, Rifle, Archery and or Shotgun shooting ranges when any target shooting is taking place. A Guest can Hike or Picnic, Etc., when with a Club Member on our property, but Shooting at our Archery, Pistol or Rifle ranges, Hunting or Fishing on any of our Club Properties are reserved for members only.  

Shenandoah County Club Property 

Safety Note - Try not to go there by yourself - take a friend - Cell Phone signal is little if any available as you are down between the hillsides. Be careful where you walk or step, have a friend with you.

Main Club Location

Club house and Main property entrance is located off of Route 522 North of Winchester, turning right on to Siler Road/Route 600 East and traveling approximately 1/2 mile. Property is on your left hand side/north of Route 600. Entrance lane is just after crossing bridge over Back Creek. The pictures at Left detail what facilities you will find upon entering the southern side of the club property.  The Club address is GPS located at 517 Siler Road.

Hunting at WFCCC Properties and Leased property

  • The Club properties and its leased property are open for hunting by Members, Spouses, and their children and grandchildren under the age of 18.
  • All spouses and children must be accompanied when hunting by WFCCC member carrying their membership card. 
  • Members should always have their WFCCC membership card on them when on the club or leased property. 
  • All Virginia Sate game laws regulated under DWR are in force when hunting on Club owned or lease property. 
  • There are Squirrels, Turkeys and Deer abundant on the Club and leased property. 
  • Doe hunting is permitted and one doe per licensed hunter is allowed per season on our owned property. Limits on does harvest on Club owned property are reviewed yearly to determine whether the deer herd needs time to re-populate. No doe limit on leased property.  

The North side of our main property has logging roads which are not to be used to road hunt or park during hunting season. There is a parking area up there which is to be used for your vehicle. 

HUNTER SAFETY – Florescent/Blaze Orange or Pink clothing as required by Virginia Game Laws must be worn when hunting on any Club property or lease.


As a Hunting Courtesy to other members, please put more space than 50 yards between yourself and other hunters! There have been reports of people walking in on others hunting and staging themselves 50 yards or less from that person knowingly. This creates an unsafe hunting condition for both parties. 

Be considerate of fellow Hunters/Members.

The statement below was adopted by and ratified at the 4/21/21 membership meeting:

This is an update and upgrade to Club hunting rules effective 4/21/21

No wooden/metal tree stands or ladders, manufactured wood/plastic or metal blinds, for hunting of any kind, are permitted on any Club Owned or Club Leased Land.

Questions you might ask and Answers to same:

Q. Can I use a climbing tree stand?

A. Yes

Q. Can I erect a fabric blind?

A. Yes

Q Can I leave my Climbing stand or fabric blind overnight?


Q Can I fabricate a ground blind from natural materials found from Tree cutting or limbs on property?

A. Yes

Q. Can I install metal screw in ladder steps on a Club Tree?


The north side boundary of the main property can be accessed by using White Tail Lane off of Rt. 522 North. The property boundaries are marked with No Trespassing signs labeled with WFCCC Property. The Southern most area of property adjacent to club house, shelters, shooting ranges, fishing lake and open area between, which is approximately 30 acres, is posted for No Hunting as a safety zone for non hunting members and guests. The directions and map of our new 97/43 acre properties in Shenandoah county are listed above under the TAB 97acresShenCo. Hunting on Sundays is permitted each year on main Club Property, Shenandoah County Properties and Leased properties- 430 acre tract above ridge line above target ranges and lake at main property is open for hunting.

Sunday Hunting is also permitted on Leased property at Unimin Sand Mine in Gore, Va., with a permission slip signed by Jim Osborn or Steve Hunt or Marshall Shiley.  Permission slips for Sunday hunting 2020/21 at Unimin Sand Mine lease are available at meetings, Mail, or e-mail request.

This is in accordance with the Laws and Regulations published by DWR of Virginia. Contact one of us through phone or e-mail to receive it if you did not attend meeting.

Winchester-Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc.  Properties

The club currently owns a 460 acre parcel in Northern Frederick Co. off of Rt. 522 north/Rt. 600 east. The property is 93% wooded allowing for hunting, with 7% open area(about 30 acres) which has shelters, shooting ranges, fishing lake, children's play area, is mostly open and grassed where Hunting is not allowed. The open area contains a Clubhouse, Five shelters, Archery range, Pistol and Rifle ranges, Still target and Trap shooting ranges, Fishing lake, Horseshoe pits, Children’s playground area w/Swings, See Saws, Spring riders, and a Volley ball area with net. Outdoor charcoal grills located at some shelters along with picnic tables. The Club House and the Large enclosed shelter are both air conditioned for summertime comfort. Multiple trails exist within the 460 acre property for hiking, bird watching, and mountain biking. No ATV’s are allowed to be used on Club properties other than to retrieve harvested game. The property is not gated and is open 365 days a year for the members and family use. There is no club like this club in the surrounding area that has these amenities and is always open for the members and their family/guests enjoyment. All members and guests are encouraged to pick up and dispose of any trash found on the property to keep it pristine for them and others to enjoy. No Alcohol is allowed on Club Property.

The Club purchased a 97 acre property in Shenandoah County that is 85% wooded and 15% meadow as well as an adjacent 43 acre property know as the Zirkle property on East side of it during early 2017. The 97 acre property boundary on 3 sides is GW National Forest. These properties are open for hunting and other recreational activities and have been posted with our signs. For directions to the property and a map of the property, go to top line on this website for directions and map - Labeled "97acreShenCo". If you hunt these properties, it is a good idea to have a National Forest Stamp in addition to your hunting license in case you cross our boundary line into the GW National Forest. Remember that hunting rules and regulations on National Forest can be different than private property. Read the rules and regulations for both. It was decided at a previous meeting that target shooting on the 97 acre owned parcel would be allowed, but that the persons shooting must assure that a good backstop for bullets is utilized to prevent ricochets or unsafe conditions down range. Target shooting on Shenandoah Co. properties is not allowed during Deer seasons whether Muzzleloader, Archery or Rifle & Shotgun.

WFCCC Club Owned Land:

Frederick Co. Virginia Parcels by Tax Map ID

29 A 38 -  41.24 ACRES

29 A 43B - 0.88 ACRE

29 A 37B - 112.27 ACRES

19 A 53A - 21.5 ACRES

19 A 81A - 7.3 ACRES

19 A 52E - 54.32 ACRES

19 A 51 -   29 ACRES

19 A 50 -  5.5 ACRES

19 A 27 -  138.19 ACRES

19 A 49 -  50 ACRES

Shenandoah Co. Virginia Parcels by Tax Map ID

40 A 20 - 97 ACRES

40 A 19 - 43 ACRES

Archery Range

The range is in good repair and located in the old pistol range area which is down the dirt road past the picnic pavilion and children playground. No firearm shooting is allowed in this area. We ask that you clean up your used targets, trash and place in the containers provided at the ranges marked for this purpose. We ask that you be courteous in your shooting times to allow for others who show up to shoot an opportunity to do so. There are now 5 lanes to shoot from as well as a Tree Stand and a Crossbow bench. Bring your own Safety harness for Tree Stand use!

NO GUESTS ALLOWED AT ARCHERY RANGE! Members & Spouse & Children & Grandchildren under 18 ONLY!

WFCCC Monthly Meetings 

Meetings held monthly on 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Clifton Arnold enclosed shelter at the main club property off 522 North of Winchester on Siler Road/Route 600. September meeting at 6:30 pm and Conservation Officers on hand to explain any new game and fish regulations as well as answer questions from the members. Rifle and Pistol Ranges closed from 6 pm to end of meeting each month.

It is important for members to attend monthly meetings, as it is your opportunity to present suggestions to the club, vote on changes, additions and improvements to our clubs operation and give input on any club issues that arise. This is a MEMBER operated Club and decisions made to Policies, Procedures, Rules, Constitution or By-Laws are by 2/3 approval vote by the Members, not the elected Board of Directors or Officers.

If you want to see changes in the Club whether in how it operates or the facilities that we have, you must attend a meeting, make the motion, have it seconded and then voted on by the membership. Voicing opinions with dues renewal letters, verbal conversations, web site messages, e-mails or phone calls will not allow your suggested changes to occur. The Membership must vote 2/3 in favor of it at a meeting to make it happen. You make the motion at the meeting to initiate a change and if seconded, and then it is voted on. A 2/3 Majority vote of members at a meeting rules for changes in the operation of our club.

Dogs at WFCCC property

It is a Club rule that No Dogs are permitted on Club owned or Club leased property except for hunting purposes. In addition, SERVICE DOGS are allowed on Club property as long as they are under control of the owner. Most service dogs are identified with a vest that is labeled as service dogs in case there are any questions concerning same.

Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc. is a 501-7c non-profit organization registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. It is governed by the Officers and Directors listed below who are elected from the current membership rolls during its annual elections. The Club operates through the utilization of the Constitution and By-Laws that was voted on and ratified by the membership.

The Constitution and By-Laws were amended to include a Whistleblower Policy, Conflict Of Interest Policy and Document Retention & Destruction Policy. 

Copies are available to any Member if written request sent 

to WFCCC, PO Box 1431, Stephens City, Va. 22655

Club Mailing Address for any correspondence: 


PO Box 1431 

Stephens City, Va. 22655

Some Father & Son teams on Thursday Night shoots

New Wobble Trap come out and try a new option on Thursday nights.

M.J. Shorty Billmeyer Clubhouse

Clifton Arnold Enclosed Shelter

Club House rear - .22 & 12 ga. target shooting positions

Club House rear - .22 & 12 ga. target area

Clifton Buddy Marple Trap range

Carlton Ramey Large Open Shelter

Childrens play area with swings and sliding board

View of Clubhouse & Large enclosed shelter from Shooting range

Beatty-Kelley Shooting range rules

Vernon Haines Lake - View from East end

100 Yard Rifle range & shelter

50 Yard rifle range & shelter

Pistol range shelter