Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club Inc

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Winchester-Frederick County 

Conservation Club, Inc.

Established 1968

Mailing Address for any correspondence

WFCCC , PO Box 1431, Stephens City, Va. 22655

Club Secretary can be reached at 540-431-9367 - 

Leave a message if no answer!

You can Join this Club by going to Middletown Firearms in 

Middletown, Va. Cash or check only - NO credit cards!

You must live in our MEMBERSHIP Area to Join!


12 Gauge Still Target Shoots

The Web Site calendar has been updated with the shoot dates from 11/28/20 to 5/29/21. All shoots are on Saturdays starting at 11:00 am and subject to availability of the shotgun shells provided. Shoots held rain or shine as Shooting is done from indoors at outdoor targets at 57 foot distance.


Note: Check out "News" Tab above for 

latest meeting minutes!

 The Club Meeting minutes for 

August, September and October 2020

are now posted 

on the News Page of this website!





Membership area includes:

Residents of 

Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Shenandoah 

Counties in Virginia 

and all cities and towns within these 

geographical areas.

$100 to join which includes first year Dues!




52nd year

*1968 – 2020*


Mac Tlumach Scholarship Raffle

Winners for 2020!

1st Prize - George Luttrell - $300

2nd Prize - Elwood Patterson - $150

3rd prize - Thomas Coates II - $100

4th Prize - Joan Robey - $100

( Joan Donated the $100 prize to scholarship fund)

5th Prize

DGIF Collectors Knife w/Laser Engraved Case - Vincent Poling

DGIF Collectors knife with Laser engraved case and sheath for selling the most raffle tickets presented to Terry Feltner who sold $400 worth of Scholarship Raffle tickets! Special Thanks to Terry!

Thanks to all members who sold and bought tickets for the scholarship raffle. Every dollar from ticket sales is deposited in the 

College Scholarship fund CD.


Notice!(posted 9/1/20)

If you are a Fly Fisherman or a wanna-be Fly Fisherman, send me a note with your Phone number!


Hunting Seasons

Frederick County

Squirrel - 9/5/20 to 2/28/21

Rabbit - 10/31/20 to 2/28/21

Turkey - Archery 10/3 to 11/6, Firearms 10/7 to 10/30, 11/25-26, 11/30 to 12/12 and 1/9/21 to 1/23/21

Bear -Firearms Early Season -9/28 to 9/30/20 - Archery 10/3 to 11/13, Muzzleloader 11/7 to 11/13, Firearms 11/23/20 to 1/2/21

Deer - Archery - 10/3 to 11/13, Muzzleloader - 10/31 to 11/13/20, 

Firearms - 11/14/20 to 1/2/21

Earn A Buck regs for Frederick County say two antler less deer must be harvested before 2nd Buck can be taken in this county.


Notification to all Members!

UPDATED 9/16/20

A. Dues Increase for 2022 proposed by Board Of Directors to be presented for ratification by members at 8/19/20 Club meeting. Dues increase for 2022 members ratified by membership. Dues for Age 65+ members will increase to $35 and Age 18 to under 65 members to $65 starting on the 2022 membership year drive which begins as of June 15, 2021.

B. The section of White Tail Lane Road East of the Parking lot (North Side of Main Property)will be closed off due people using it for illicit purposes.

C. The Lake will be stocked with Trout on October 8, 2020 at 10 am. You can begin fishing for them as soon as stocked!

D.The last meeting of 2020 on October 7 at 6:30 pm will not have any food served this year due to Covid-19 concerns. The Conservation Officers will attend to answer questions and provide insight on Game Law changes.

E. The Lake will be restocked with Catfish, Bluegills, Redears, Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie and minnows if Lake conditions are in order on November 18, 2020

F. Three new Policies were ratified for addition to the Club Constitution and By-Laws at the September 16, 2020 meeting. They are A. Document Retention and Destruction Policy, B. Conflict of Interest Policy and Annual Statement C. Whistleblower Policy. All three policies are required by the Federal Government per revision to the Sarbane's Oxley Act in 2018.



State of Virginia

The DGIF(Department of Game and Inland Fisheries) 

announced today July 1, 2020 that

 they will now be known as the

 DWR(Department of Wildlife Resources)

In the future when you type in DGIF on your Cell phone or Computer looking to report harvest of game, search regulations and such, it may not work!



The shooting ranges at the Club are CLOSED on Sundays

 May 1st to September 30th each and every year! 

While I was at the Club property yesterday, 

Sunday June 14th, a couple showed up to shoot because they thought if no picnics were scheduled, 

it was OK to shoot! 

It was NOT and they were re-informed of the Rule.

Rich Sankovich WFCCC Secretary 6/15/20 




The 2020 "Mac Tlumach" Conservation Scholarship winners are listed in body of information below. In addition, scrolling further down will also find short Bio's on each of the four winners for 2020.

Some Pictures of our winners posted to the Left!

Congratulations to all of them!


Update - 5/20/20

Note: Trap shooting started at Club at

 6:30 pm until 10 pm effective 

Thursday 5/21/20

Shoots will be scheduled every 

Thursday until October 1, 2020 


Web Site Calendar 

is updated to 

reflect this!



Updates as of 3/25/20

Per WFCCC Board Of Directors!

1. Easter Egg Hunt and Trout opening day for kids 

   April 11, 2020 was cancelled.

2. Remaining Still Target Shoots are cancelled!

3. Clay Bird shoots at Club postponed until further   

    Notice. Restarts 5/21/20. Clay Bird shoots opened 

    May 21, 2020 and Board of Directors voted to allow 

    it to stay open at July 15, 2020 meeting. updated 7/17/20

4. Trout Stocking on April 9, 2020 at 10 am did happen  

    with 300 Rainbows stocked. Fishing lake will 

    remain open until further notice.

5. Scholarship applications date extended to May 16!

6. Shooting ranges for archery, rifle and pistol are still 

    open, respect each others space - Do not crowd 


7. Club Picnic Date this year is September 6 with food served 

    at 1 pm but is subject to change. - CANCELLED!

8. Club workday is scheduled for August 15 from 9 am 

    to 2 pm with lunch served. Pre-prepared Food will be 

     served individually, NO Buffet, and social distancing will 

     be required at all times. updated 7/17/20

Maintain SAFE distance from each other 

when fishing - 6 ft. is good, 10 ft. is 

better, 20 feet or more is BEST! 

Practice same at Shooting ranges also!


 2020 Trout Stocking of Club Lake

The First Trout stocking of 300 Rainbow trout 

occurred on March 19, 2020 at 10am. 

Fishing began immediately!

The lake was tested 3/4/20 and the following is results - Water temp at 48 F - Dissolved oxygen content at 10-12ppm which is above the 7 ppm mark for stocking trout. Air temp was at 62 F. Everything is still looking good for the Trout Stocking at this point. 

Lake test 3/10/20 showed 12 PPM dissolved oxygen in Lake water and minnows swimming around pond perimeter.

Note: Club rules state that on Trout

 Stocking days, the Rifle and Pistol 

ranges are CLOSED 

from NOON to 6 PM.

Limit is 4 per day per person/member and any trout you catch must be kept - no catch and release.

Also note: If you catch 4 and give them away to others, then you have reached YOUR limit for the day. You cannot continue to Fish for more because you put them on someone elses stringer. Anyone age 16 and older is required to have a Va. Fishing license to fish in our lake, but NOT required to have a Va. Trout stamp since we bought and stocked the Trout!


Water Testing at Club Lake

(added information and updated 10/7/20)

We have had 3 major fish kills in our lake during past 5 years.

Because of this, a wider range of testing our lake water is now taking place. The data collected now is outdoor air temp, lake water temp, PH of lake water, Dissolved oxygen in parts per million of lake water, and the parts per million concentration of Ammonia, Nitrites and Phosphates disolved in the lake water. Dissolved oxygen is important as Trout need around 7 parts per million(PPM) to survive. The PH is a measurement of acidic below 7 and alkaline above 7 and fish prefer to live in water that is at a range of 6.8 to 8.2 PH. Above or below that range affects plant life and fish ability to survive. The ammonia test gives us a reading that measure the level of toxic waste excreted in to a pond by fish, birds and other pond life. A healthy pond has "0" detectable ammonia and you can add nitrifying bacteria to keep the ammonia level in check. Nitrites are released into ponds by fish, frogs, birds and other pond animal waste. The waste is turned into toxic ammonia and again can be controlled by nitrifying bacteria to convert it into non-toxic ammonia. A healthy pond has "0" nitrites level. Overstocking, uneaten fish food and decomposing and decaying vegetation can cause high Nitrites. Phosphates enter a pond from fish waste and decaying organic matter, such as dead algae and uneaten fish food. A healthy pond has "0" Phosphates level. Excess phosphate may lead to an algae bloom. Increased Algae levels in a pond/lake also lead to decreased dissolved oxygen levels in a pond or lake threatening the survival of fish. The dissolved oxygen level in our club lake as found Sept. 2019 was 0.8 ppm and thousands of our fish/minnows in lake perished at that time.

So, what are we doing moving forward? - Test-Test-Test for starters. The second thing we did was adding 4 gallons of beneficial bacteria to our lake to combat the increased Phosphate levels. Third, we invested in a new oxygenated air to water delivery system which conisists of an electric air compressor, attached to weighted hoses spread out 200 feet between the bottom installed oxygen bubblers. The objective being to directly inject oxygen/air into our lake water from the bottom up to the top for a mixng effect that our current lake aerators does not provide to raise and keep up the dissolved oxygen level that promotes fish survival.

We have been working closely with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries biologists to determine the causes, effects and the remedies listed above. We hope to come out of this with a more sustainable lake that continues to provide the outdoor pleasure to fishermen, women and children of our club membership without the intermittment fish kills and cleanup thereafter.

Latest test results

3/20/20 - Air 55F, Water 52F, PH -7, Ammonia - 0, Nitrites - 0, Phosphates-1.0 ppm, Dissolved oxygen - 10 ppm

Note: water clarity at this time was 4 to 6 feet from bank of lake.

4/25/20 - Air 60F, Water 55F, PH-7.5, Ammonia - 0, Nitrites - 0. Phosphates - .25 to .50 ppm, Dissolved oxygen - 8 ppm

Note: water clarity at this time was around six feet from bank of lake.

5/13/20  - Air 65F, Water 62F, PH- 7.0-7.5, Ammonia - 0, Nitrites - 0

Phosphates - 0-.25 ppm, Dissolved oxygen - 8 to 10 ppm

Note: water clarity at this time was 10 to 12 feet from bank of lake.

6/14/20 - Air 53F, Water 72F, PH - 7.0-7.5, Ammonia - 0, Nitrites - 0, Phosphates - 0, Dissolved Oxygen - 10 to 12 ppm (aerator running)

Note: Water clarity at this time was 6 to 8 feet from bank of lake, but it was raining when test was taken.

7/13/20 - Air 80F, Water 82F, PH - 9.0, Ammonia - 0, Nitrites - 0

Phosphates - 0, Dissolved Oxygen - 8 ppm (aerator running)

Note: Water clarity at this time was 3-4 feet from bank of lake, and lots of floating particulate in water sample when taken. Some scum on top of lake water in corner, and aerator water actually looked slightly brown in color during discharge. Definitely a lack or rain has occurred as lake is about 6" lower than normal.

7/16/20 - Four Gallons of ABA Benificial Bacteria were added to treat the 3+ acre - 9 Million gallon +/- lake on our property on 7/16/20. The product was introduced into the lake at 24 locations around the edge. Water tests and observations of water clarity, temperature and other conditions will be conducted by weekending 7/24/20, and again within two weeks after.

7/23/20 - Air 82F, Water 78F - PH at 7.0 to 7.5, Ammonia - 0, 

Nitrites - 0, Phosphates - 0, Dissolved Oxygen - 8ppm (aerator running). Water clarity has improved as there was no "brown" water coming out of aerator. Visibility from bank of lake has improved to 4-6 feet and water sample taken had minimal suspended particulate in by comparison at last lake test. Beneficial Bacteria addition to lake to kill off the nutrients that Algae was feeding on seems to be working. Scum layer on lake has disappeared. Next Lake water testing will be in about a week as our new compressed air aeration system starts to run more hours daily as opposed to 4-5 hours daily for next 7 days.

7/30/20 - Air 85F, Water 82F - PH at 7.5, Ammonia - 0, Nitrates - 0,

Phosphates - 0, Dissolved Oxygen - 8 to 10 ppm.  Aerator and Compressed air aeration system running 4-5 hours daily. Water clarity improved with 8 ft. visibility from bank. Still some floating sediment in Lake water. No visible scum on lake and No dead fish floating. Bluegill/Sunfish skittering from around lake edge during short walk. Some Bluegill/Sunfish nesting seen around lake edge - shallow depressions seen fanned out 10-12 inches in diameter.

The new Compressed Air aeration system for our lake was installed on July 23, 2020. The system provides 4.6 cubic feet of compressed air to bottom of lake installed diffusers that will be 100 feet each from the compressor. The objective is to introduce oxygen into the water on a continuous basis from the bottom up to increase the dissolved oxygen level in the lake water that the current top floating aeration system does not provide. As our lake has no continuous flowing water introduced into it unless it is a hard rain or water runoff from hillside above, it is believed there is a thermocline level within lake that prevents good oxygen mixing within the water column.

8/15/20 - Air Temp - 72F, Water Temp - 82F - PH at 7.5, Ammonia - 0, Nitrates - 0, Phosphates - 0, Dissolved Oxygen - 10 to 12 ppm. Aerator and Compressed air system running. Compressor set up to run 4 times daily at 2 hours runtime per workout. Still some floating sediment in Lake water. No visible scum or any dead fish found floating. Saw 3 small turtles while walking lake and some fish skittering from bank edge. Water clarity around 8 feet from bank edge although it was overcast and slight drizzle of rain.

9/6/20 - Air Temp - 82F, Water Temp - 82F, PH at 9.0, Amonia at - 0,

Nitrates - 0, Phosphates - 0, Dissolved Oxygen - 8 to 10 ppm. Aerator running. No visible scum line in lake and no dead fish floating. Water clarity around 4 ft from bank edge.

9/16/20 - Air Temp - 76F, Water Temp - 75F, PH at 7.6, Ammonia at - 0,

Nitrates - 0, Phosphates - 0, Dissolved Oxygen - 8 to 9 ppm. Aerator riunning. No Visible scum line in lake and no dead fish floating. Water clarity around 5 ft. from bank edge. 

10/7/20 - Air Temp 78F, Water Temp - 66F, Dissolved Oxygen 10-12PPM. No scum or dead fish floating. Water clarity 4-6 ft. from bank.

300 Rainbow Trout were stocked at 10 am on 

Thursday October 8, 2020. This is last scheduled stocking of trout until Spring of 2021 in our lake.



Service Work needed at Club 

(Posted 5/10/20)


Can you Help Out?

The trash cans at the lake and the shooting ranges get 

filled with trash from our fisherman and shooters. 

Can you empty one or some or all in our dumpster when 

you are done fishing or shooting at the Club?

A lot of work at our Club is performed by our Members 

Volunteering to make it happen! We are able to keep 

our dues lower than any Club around because our 

Members participate in helping out so we don't have to 

pay someone to do these types of tasks!

Your HELP is appreciated!!!



Notice - 1/7/2020(updated 5/17/20)

WFCCC College Scholarships 2020

Four available at $500 each

The 2020 Mac Tlumach Conservation Scholarship information along an application form was sent to all 10 High Schools in our membership area on 1/6/2020. The applications and essays are due to the Guidance counselors by April 6th and to WFCCC by April 10th.- 

Note that this date was extended to MAY 16, 2020 since all schools currently closed! 

As of 5/16/20 - Twelve applications had been received.

The information below was also sent to the Community Bulletin Board to be shown in the Winchester Star Newspaper.

This year is different as in addition to the High School Seniors invited to apply, Home Schooled and Private Schooled Seniors who are going to pursue a degree in a conservation area are also invited to apply.

Applicants did not need to be related to a WFCCC member, but must reside in the WFCCC Membership area - Counties of Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Shenandoah and any city or town within those boundaries!

Send written request for Scholarship application to 

WFCCC, PO Box 1431, Stephens City, 22655

Include valid e-mail adress if you want the application & Information sent electronically.



January 10, 2020


We are now partnered with Middletown Firearms in

 Middletown, Va. for Membership enrollment.


Owned and operated by Travis Dodson

Located at 7609 Main St.

Middletown, Virginia

Phone 540-869-8517

Beside Italian Delight Restaurant

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday - 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday - 9 am to 4 pm

Sunday - Closed

Check or Cash only - NO CREDIT CARDS!!

Please support their business as they are supporting our Club! Buy, Sell, Trade, Ship to, Repairs and all your ammo and accessories needs!


Membership update(4/26/20)


The 2021 Renewal and New membership period starts on June 15, 2020 and those memberships will be availble at Middletown Firearms, and through the mail as of that day. The 2021 membership card will be good from June 15, 2020 until end of day October 6, 2021. A NEW member joining on June 15, 2020 or after receives a 2021 membership that is valid for up to 15-1/2 months.



hopefully your raffle tickets 

with One check THIS YEAR TO:


PO BOX 1431


Look for your Club Membership renewal package to arrive in you mailbox anytime after June 15th, 2020


Club Member Hunter's and Trappers 

over age 65 - Take Notice

The last Club meeting was October 2nd at our Club property on Siler Road and was attended by two DWR(DGIF) Conservation Officer's. One of the main questions  answered by them this year is whether any hunting licenses/permits at all will be needed by a MEMBER who is hunting/trapping on private property in the county they RESIDE in, is needed to hunt or trap for ANY game species on our Frederick Co. and Shenandoah Co. properties. Yes, it is private property, but it's also Incorporated. Frederick Co. residents and Shenandoah Co. residents over age 65 may be exempt on our properties in their residential counties!

See Below for all the Answers!

Update 10/3/19

From our DWR(DGIF) Conservation Officers at the 10/2/19 Club meeting 

Q and A session

Our properties owned and leased are considered PRIVATE properties by the State. Example, if you RESIDE in Frederick Co./Winchester, and are a MEMBER and over age 65, NO Hunting licenses - General, big game, bear, archery, muzzleloader - are needed to hunt on our Frederick Co. owned or leased properties. The same holds true for those Members living in Shenandoah County who meet the age 65 or older requirement - They can hunt the Shenandoah Co. property as members without licenses as those 140 acres meet the criteria as private property. Remember that you still need to check and receive a harvest number for your Big Game animals whether from a check station, phone or online app.

These rules apply county by county for the age 65 exemption, so if you leave your present residing county to hunt in another, you need to purchase the required licenses.

One final note - If you are age 65 or older and hunt on GW Nat'l forest(Government owned property), you do NOT need a National Forest Stamp, but do need the full range of Hunting licenses for the seasons and game you are pursuing.

10/17/19 Update on BONUS Deer permits

According to DWR(DGIF) reply received today, in order to harvest Bonus Deer(does only) for the 65+ year old hunter on private land hunting in county they reside in without a license of any sort, YOU MUST purchase the additional BONUS deer harvest permits in order to legally take additional deer over and above the FIVE on a BIG Game License.



WFCCC Club Picnic 9/6/20

CANCELLED as of 8/17/20

Sunday - at the Club

Food will served at 1 pm

See further down this page 

for more information!

Look left for some pictures 

of the event last year!




Shelter reservations are handled by

 Eric Heflin - Club President 

Contact at 540-931-3655


Congratulations to:

2020 WFCCC "Mac Tlumach"

 Conservation Scholarship Winners!

Charles Shepley - Millbrook High School

Mindi Freed - Stonewall Jackson High School

Chloe Phillips - Skyline High School

Reagan Johnson - Clarke County High School

More information on each of these students is located 

on this page below!


Mac Tlumach Conservation - College

Scholarship Winner's 2012 to present

2012 - Tyler Paine $1000

2013 - No qualified applicants

2014 - Ali Oliver $1000

2015 - Davis Weddle $1000

2016 - Hannah Wilson $1000

2017 - Kendall Benoit $1000, Madelne Festa $500, 

Rachel Shumway $500

2018 - Jared Rice $500, Brandon McDonald $500, 

Sydney Aschenbrenner $500, Eleanor Welch $500

2019 - Zach Otley $500, Christopher Pate $500, 

Kelsie Keene $500, Erin Orgen $500

2020 - Reagan Johnson $500, Charles Shepley $500,

Chloe Phillips $500, Mindi Freed $500

$12,000 to date has been given in scholarship awards 

to Students pursuing a Conservation based field of 

higher education by WFCCC!(as of July 2020)

The Annual Club Scholarship Raffle Ticket sales 

is the sole support of this worthy Program!

Please purchase or sell a card of tickets this year to continue 

this scholarship program!



Next  Meeting is

March 17, 2021 - 6:30 pm 

at the Club

Can you make it?

Meeting will be held outdoors or indoors depending on Virus situation!


Notice To all Pistol Range Shooters!

We expect to replace the backing materials as part of regular upkeep at the Pistol Range, but the decimation of the framing that holds the backing is a careless act and uncalled for!

No Shotguns, Rifles or A/R's 

on Pistol Range!

All Pistol and Rifle Ranges OPEN at 

8 am and CLOSE at 1/2 hr. 

before SUNDOWN. 


Announcement!    1/1/21

The Notification & Application forms will be sent to the High School Guidance Counselors for the 10 High Schools in our membership area for the Mac Tlumach Conservation Scholarship during week one of January 2021. There will be Four $500 scholarships available to college bound seniors among the 10 High Schools, as well as Home Schooled and Private Schooled students in our membership area which includes Frederick, Clarke, Warren and Shenandoah Counties and all cities and towns within that geographical area. The forms along with essays are due to the guidance counselors ASAP and then due to WFCCC by April 9, 2021. The applications will be reviewed by our Scholarship awards committee on April 21, 2021 and notifications may be given at each schools Senior recognition night immediately thereafter or to the winners. There is additional information about the scholarship's embedded in further details below on this Home page. 


The Scholarships are open to application by Home Schooled and Privately Schooled graduating Seniors this coming year that live in our membership area. To receive the information packet on the scholarships for Private and Home Schooled Seniors, 

Send a Request to WFCCC, 

PO Box 1431, Stephens City, Va. 22655

Include e-mail adress if you want electronically!



New Members note & UPDATEs! (6/15/2020)

Yes, we are still accepting new members. Cost to join is $100 cash or check for dues, which gives you instant access to all club properties the day you join. As of January 11, 2020, Middletown Firearms, has membership cards, vehicle decals, newsletter and rules/reg letter for Club with maps, plus anything else you may need for the outdoor sportman's use. 

If you join now, 

your membership is good until October 6, 2021.

2021 memberships are available starting June 15, 2020 at 10 am 


The statements below are being added at the request of some perspective members for clarification purposes!

 Club Member's & Family versus Guests!

1. A Club Member carries their up to date dues paid membership card with them on any Club property at all times and produces it when asked to be seen.

2. A Club Member can bring their spouse, as well as  their child and or grandchild under the age of 18 to Target Shoot, Hunt and Fish on Club Properties.(Age 16 or older must have a DGIF Fishing license to Fish)

3. A Club Member must be present with the above Family members ANY TIME they are on Club properties and have their Membership card with them. There is no such thing as a Family Membership Card. The Card is issued to the Person, not Family.

4. A GUEST is someone who is NOT one of the above people, but is with a Current Club Member who has their membership card with them and is NOT allowed to Target Shoot, Hunt or Fish on or at any Club property.

5. A Guest is NEVER allowed to be PRESENT at the Pistol, Rifle, ARCHERY and or Shotgun shooting ranges when any target shooting is taking place. A Guest can Hike or Picnic, Etc., when with a Club Member on our property, but does not have the rights to Target Shoot at our Archery, Pistol or Rifle ranges, Hunt or Fish on any of our Club Properties!



12 Gauge Still Target Shoots

The Fall and Winter & Spring Still Target 12 ga. shooting schedule will be posted on Calendar on this website.

First shoot is Saturday November 28, 2020! 

All shooting is from indoors at 57 feet!

All shells supplied for each shooter - 12 gauge only!

See Web Page calendar for the full schedule


Lifetime Fishing, Trapping and Hunting licenses

for the State of Virginia (Plus More!)

updated as of 9/27/19

Are you turning 65, or already there or past? Virginia offers Lifetime fishing and hunting licenses for those people for a one time payment of $25 per license or less*. They are sold for Hunting, Freshwater Fishing, Trout Fishing, Saltwater Fishing($5*), or Trapping. You still need to buy a bear tag, big game tag, archery or muzzle loader license if you hunt for those additional species and use archery or muzzleloading weapons, but the $25 fee is a great deal year over year for those 65 or older. (9/27/19 - update - Hunting, Freshwater and Trout lifetime fees have been raised to $25 each)

Even if you do not hunt or fish in the state of Virginia, but visit Virginia's Wildlife Management Areas or Virginia State controlled Lakes such as Lake Frederick for canoeing & kayaking, or to hike, picnic, birdwatch etc., buying a Freshwater lifetime fishing license for $25 saves paying the $4 daily access fee to use these Virginia State Controlled Land & Lake areas.

Visit on your computer and click on Life Time Licenses to see the form that you have to fill out and send in. 

It requires a copy of your drivers license and they will even send you a plastic laminated card for $10 more if you don't want to have a paper copy of the license.


NOTICE 9/4/19

Shenandoah County Club Property 

Safety Note - Try not to go there by yourself - take a friend - Cell Phone signal is little if any available as you are down between the hillsides. Remember that this is also a logical place to run across Rattlesnakes and Copperheads! (see picture of a Male Copperhead - Left)

Be careful where you walk or step - 

hence have a friend with you 



Note for 1/1/20

New Members joing Club on or after June 15, 2020 can 

receive up to 15-1/2 months of Membership for the 

$100 fee. 2021 Membership cards will be Valid from 

June 15, 2020 to October 6, 2021

The membership applications & cards, along with 2020/21 newsletter, rules and regs and vehicle decals are available at Club meetings starting June 15th., 2020

The mailing for all current year 2020 members for year 2021 renewal will take place on June 13, 2020 and will be in your mailboxes by June 15, 2020 or after. 

Your 2021 dues should be paid via mail, at a Club meeting or Picnic, by end of day/meeting October 7th., 2020 or you will be 

treated as a new member when rejoining. 


contact is Rich Sankovich - WFCCC Secretary at 

540-431-9367 or at


Announcement 4/18/18

The Rifle and Pistol ranges will be CLOSED 

on Club membership meeting days 

from 6 pm to end of Club meeting time.

Club meetings are 3rd Wednesday @ 6:30 pm 

each month - March through September each 

year, with last meeting of year held on First 

Wednesday in October also at 6:30 pm!


Hunting Rules 

for all WFCCC Properties


Club properties unless they are carried IN and

 OUT on the same day you are hunting. 

Ladder stands have been found above the lake and shooting ranges on our main club property as well as the Shenandoah Co. property and can and will be removed by the owners, or the club membership is authorized to take them down and discard or take ownership of same BECAUSE they are considered abandoned by their owners. Do not complain to Officers or Directors of Club when your ladder stand is missing. The Club membership voted and approved this rule and it has been continuousley published in our newsletter, rules handout, at meetings and on this website for many years.

The North side of our main property has logging roads which are not to be used to road hunt or park during hunting season. There is a parking area up there which is to be used for your vehicle. 

As a Hunting Courtesy to other members, please put more space than 50 yards between yourself and other hunters! There have been reports of people walking in on others hunting and staging themselves 50 yards or less from that person knowingly. This creates an unsafe hunting condition for both parties. Be considerate of fellow Hunters/Members!

Posted 11/12/2017 by Rich Sankovich

Secretary - WFCCC



Annual Club Member/Guest Picnic is CANCELLED for

Sunday September 6, 2020 at Main property 

off Siler Road/Route 600 in Frederick Co.- Food will not be 

served at 1:00 pm. Jordan Springs Market 

will cater the event with Smoked Chicken, 

Pulled pork, Cole Slaw, Redskin parsleyed 

potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Rolls and 

Pie for dessert. Iced Tea, Water and Sodas 

will be available.

Cost will be $8.00 per person 

and under 8 years old was FREE!

Events: Cancelled!

1. 9:00 am setup for drinks/tables etc. - Come early to help

2. 9:00 am -- Shooting ranges closed for rest of Day

3. 11:00 am - food tickets go on sale at $8 per adult and  

    Children under 8 years old are Free, members can pay 

    dues, buy extra raffle tickets or purchase 50-50 tickets 

4. 11:00 am -  Hot dogs will be served from the grill for early arrivals

5. 1:00 PM - Food Served & Catered by Jordan Springs 

    Market. Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, Red Potatoes, Green Beans etc.!

6. 2:00 pm - Donated items Auction - Bring something for Auction.

7. 50-50 raffle ticket winner pulled right after auction.

8. Winning tickets pulled for Mac Tlumach Conservation 

     Scholarship raffle. Five winners this year!

9. Winner announced for selling most raffle tickets. - DGIF 

    engraved Collectors Knife and Laser etched box to be awarded.

10. Ice Cold watermelon eating.

11. Bingo in the Main enclosed shelter (air-conditioned) with Cash 




Saturday August 15th, 2020 

was the Main Property -


Club Members workday - 

9 am to 2 pm

Grounds and Buildings cleanup will be done along, target building, and brush clearing at shooting ranges. Bring yard work tools if you have them including weed whacking equipment and or chain saws.

Shooting Ranges closed on this day!

Lunch and beverages will be SERVED to all in attendance.



This is YOUR club and YOUR help keeps it in good 

condition for 

YOUR's and YOUR families use. 

Thanks  to all those


who show up to help!!!


Announcement May 22, 2020

WFCCC is pleased to announce the 



"Mac Tlumach" Conservation


Scholarship Winners for 2020

Charles Shepley

is a 2020 $500 scholarship winner from MillBrook High School. His intended Major is Animal Science & Livestock Management, with a focus on Agribusiness. He further wants to obtain a Masters in Agribusiness & Foreign Affairs and a aPHd in Animal Science. He plans on attending Kansas State University this Fall.

Chloe Phillips

is a 2020 $500 scholarship winner from Skyline High School and intends to Major in Natural Resources. She wants to mainly focus on the health of the Shenandoah River as it flows though Warren and Shenandoah Counties as well as the rest of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. She plans on starting her studies at Lord Fairfax Community College this Fall.

Mindi Freed

is a 2020 $500 scholarship winner from Stonewall Jackson High School and intends to Double Major in Dairy Scienceand Food Science with a career goal of working for the US Department of Agriculture. She plans on attending Virginia Tech University this fall.

Reagan Johnson

is a 2020 $500 scholarship winner from Clarke County High School and intended Major is Environmental Science and Biology. Her career goals are the sustainability and conservation of our environment. She plans on attending Lord Fairfax Community College each summer to obtain credits applicable to her degree while attending SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry full time.

Congratulations to these Graduates and WFCCC "Mac Tlumach" Conservation Scholarship Winners!


Fishing Notes!

NOTE: As of April 18, 2018 

Club Membership meeting, 

it was approved by membership vote to place 

a creel limit of 4 per day per person 

on Black Crappie being caught in our lake. 

In addition, the size limit approved by Club 

at June 20, 2018 meeting 

is NOW 8 inches in length for Crappie. 

SHOOTING RANGES CLOSED FROM 12 NOON to 6 PM on all trout stocking days and specifically Easter Saturday each year!

This rule established by Membership VOTE at April 19, 2017 Club Meeting!



 2020/21 Youth hunting days

Hunting will be allowed on all Youth Hunting days on Club owned and leased property. Don't forget that you need a Sunday hunting permission slip available by mail request or Club meetings to hunt on the leased property at Unimin Sand Mine in Gore, Va. on a Sunday. 


+++ Note for 2020 and Beyond!+++

Club Shooting ranges are CLOSED 

to Sunday shooting 

each year

 Starting May 1st 

through September 30th.

This includes our Members who set-up their 

own Claybird throwers in the open field 

between our Lake and underground Traps!


## News Flash ##

Sunday Hunting on WFCCC Leased Properties 2019/20

Signed permission slips are available for member pickup & use. DWR regulations state that permission slips must be obtained when hunting on private & leased property on Sundays. Our leased property requiring the permission slip is the Unimin Sand Mine at Gore. More permission slips will be available at next Club meeting, Middletown Firearms, or by mail request.



 Anyone age 16 years or older must have a Virginia State Fishing license to fish in our Club lake - Va. Trout Stamp not required to fish in our Club Lake. Limit is 4 Trout per person per day and all Trout caught must be kept!



Every trout "LANDED"  is part of 


 Daily 4 trout limit! 

When you "REACH 4", 


for Trout 

that day in our Club lake. 

This includes whether you put them 

on your stringer, someone elses 

stringer or give 

them away.


** DATA **


"Mac Tlumach Conservation Scholarship" 

Four $500 College Scholarship's 

Some examples but not limited to this list of Conservation of Natural Resources area of instruction could be Forestry, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Management, Enviromental Conservation, Evironmental Policy and Planning, Wildlife Biology, Farming, Conservation Officer Training, Marine Biology, Solar Energy, Wind Power Generation, Soil and Water Conservation & Agricultural areas. As Colleges and Universities diversify and name thier instructional areas in a multitude of ways, there may be others with descriptions not listed here, so the only way to know is to apply for the Scholarship's and list your intended Major & Curriculum.


Firewood at the Club

As of January 2, 2021, the day after Deer Hunting season closes in Frederick County, any member who wishes to go into property off of White Tail Lane where the Club did all the timbering and cut up the tree tops and limbs for PERSONAL fire wood use is welcome to do so. All firewood cutting will cease on all properties as of October 1st.


Purpose and Objective 


Winchester-Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc.

Protect the game and fish we have by law enforcement. Endeavor to strengthen our laws in all legitimate ways. Use available means for restocking our forests and streams with game and fish. Promote the dissemination of sound principles of conservation to the public. Co-operation with all public officials, organizations and individuals in the protection, conservation and development of our natural resources. Earnestly work for the eradication of pollution from our streams. Protect and extend our forests to restore unproductive lands by reforestation, planting soil building game cover and food plants, provide wildlife refuge, propagate facilities and to use all other means of developing and conserving our woods, waters, and wildlife.



Main Club Location

Club house and Main property entrance is located off of Route 522 North of Winchester, turning right on to Siler Road/Route 600 East and traveling approximately 1/2 mile. Property is on your left hand side/north of Route 600. Entrance lane is just after crossing bridge over Back Creek. The pictures at Left detail what facilities you will find upon entering the southern side of the club property.

The Club address is GPS located at 517 Siler Road


WFCCC 2019/20 Main Calendar of Events

Mar. 20, 2019 - First Club meeting of 2019 at 6:30 pm

Mar. 21,  2019 - Trout stocking in Lake - 300

April 14, 2019 - Lake is closed until Saturday 4/20/19 at 12:30 pm

April 17, 2019 - Club membership meting at 6:30 pm

April 18, 2019 - Trout stocking in Lake - 415 - for Saturday 4/20 opening day event

April 20, 2019 - Trout opening day at the Club - 12 years old and under start at 12:30 pm and all 

                      others can fish starting at 1:30 pm. This is a change to allow the youngsters to fish for  

                      an hour before adults can start. There will also be a free raffle of fishing equipment 

                      for all the age 12 and under children during the early fishing advent. Must be present 

                      to win. Easter Egg hunt for 3 age groups under 12 years old to start at Main Club 

                      House at 3 pm.! Cash prizes in each egg!

May 2, 2019 - Trout stocking in lake - 300

May 3, 2019 - start of Friday night trap shooting

May 15, 2019 - Club membership meeting at 6:30 pm

June 19, 2019 - Club membership meeting at 6:30 pm

July 17, 2019 - Club membership meeting at 6:30 pm

Aug. 10, 2019 - Club Membership work day. 9 am to 2 pm - Food and beverage served

Aug. 21, 2019 - Club memebrship meeting at 6:30 pm

Sept. 1, 2019 -  Annual Club Member & Guest Picnic starts at 11 am with Catered food starting at 1 pm

Sept. 18, 2019 - Club membership meeting at 6:30 pm- Officer's/2 Year Directors Elections

Oct. 2, 2019  - Last Club membership meeting for Year 2019 at 6:30 pm - Food served & Game 

                      Warden's available to talk about law changes and field questions.

Oct. 26, 2019 - First Still target shoot at Club - Starts at 1 pm - see Web Page calendar for all dates

March 18, 2020 - First club meeting for 2020 starts at 6:30 pm at Club House- Cancelled

March 19, 2020 - Lake stocked with 300 Trout

April 5, 2020 - Lake closes for the week until 12:30 pm Saturday April 11, 2020 - NO FISHING

April 9, 2020 - Lake stocked with 415 Trout - NOFISHING UNTIL SATURDAY APRIL !!, 2020

April 11, 2020 - Trout opening day at the Club with Easter Egg hunt also

April 15, 2020 - No Club meeting at 6:30 pm at the Club House & Scholarship Application Review

April 30, 2020 - Lake stcoking with 300 Trout

May 20, 2020 - Membership meeting and scholarship application review! MEETING OUTSIDE!

June 13, 2020 - Membership renewals to be sent to all current members as of May 15, 2020

June 17, 2020 - Membership meeting at 6:30 pm - Outside or Inside depending on Covid Virus 

                        situation. Masks and Gloves and Social Distancing is recommended.

July 15, 2020 - Membership meeting at 6:30 pm - Most likely outdoors at large picnic pavilion. Masks 

                        and gloves and Social distancing recommended.

Aug. 15, 2020 - Membership workday at Main Club Property. 9 am to 2 pm. Bring weed whacking and 

                        or shears and work gloves. Food and Beverage provided.

Aug. 16, 2020 - WFCCC Board of Directors Meeting to be held at 5 pm at Club Property.

Aug. 19, 2020 - Membership meeting at 6:30 pm.

Sept. 16, 2020 - Membership meeting at 6:30 pm - Officer and Director elections

Oct. 7, 2020  - Last meeting for 2020 at main club property. Game Wardens in attendance


Club Highlights 2019/20

1. Steve Hunt elected by Board of Directors as new Club Treasurer 12/11/19

2. Trout stocking suspended by Club BOD until March 2020 as of 12/10/19

3. 2020 WFCCC scholarship applications sent out to all 10 High Schools in WFCCC membership area.

4. Information sent to Winchester Star Community Bulletin board for publication about Home & 

     Private schooled 2020 college bound seniors notice to be able to apply for Club Scholarships this year.

5. 3 new target frames installed at 50 & 100 yard rifle ranges 2/1/20

6. 2 new targets replced two old on Pistol range on 2/11/20.

7. 80 tons of gravel spread on roadway into club as well as up to Pistol/rifle ranges on 2/12/20. Pile of gravel placed in 

      front of Pistol range to be spread in area between Pistol range shelter and targets.

8. Middletown Firearms set up as sole distrubutor of WFCCC memberships as of Jan. 10, 2020 - New memberships  for 

    2020 available there, and they will take Renewals and New Memberships for 2021  as of JUNE 15, 2020

9. Lake stocked with 400 sunfish/blue gill and 2000 minoows on March 6, 2020 - Test to see if they live

10. Lake stocked with 300 Rainbow Trout on March 19, 2020 at 10 am.

11. Lake stocked with 300 Rainbow Trout on April 9, 2020

12. Lake stocked with 250 Rainbow Trout on April 30, 2020

13. Four 2020 Mac Tlumach Conservation scholarship winners chosen.

14. First Club meeting for 2020 held May 20th at outside pavilion.

15. Thursday night trap shoots at Club restarted May 21, 2020

16. Club workday for Frederick Co. property set for August 15 from 9 am to 2 pm with food & Beverage provided.

17. Annual Club picnic scheduled for Sunday September 6, 2020 catered by Jordan Springs Market 

      with food served at 1 pm. was cancelled

18. Annual Club renewal mailing set to go out on June 13, 2020 to 1291 current members.

19. New underwater Compressed air aeration system purchased -Installed 7/23/20

20. Club lake treated with Benifical Bacteria for water treatment 7/16/20

21. Land Loan paid down by CD money. Goal to pay off 7% loan in less than 10 months. 

22. Fish ordered from Fishwagon for Late October restocking of lake - Bass, Sunfish, Catfish, Crappie

23. Membership adopted a Document Retention/Destruction Policy, Whistleblower Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy at 

      9/16/20 meeting to be added as addendums to WFCCC Constitution & By - Laws


WFCCC Annual

"Mac Tlumach Conservation Scholarship's" 

We are proud to announce there will be 4 scholarship's awarded for 2020

The Four $500 scholarships are available to be awarded to Four High School seniors whose application and essay submission is received from the 10 High Schools, Home Schooled and Private Schooled Seniors within our membership area and meets the criteria supplied on the scholarship application and is chosen by the WFCCC scholarship awards committee from all applications received. The Scholarship notification may be presented to the individuals by an WFCCC officer on Senior recognition night at their High School. 2020 Applications to be sent to the 10 high school guidance counselors by January 6, 2020 and advertised for Home and Private Schooled seniors in local newspaper. The by-date for turn in of essays and applications to those counselors is May 16, 2020 and need to be received by Mail by WFCCC as of May 19, 2020. 

Applications should be mailed to:

WFCCC, PO Box 1431, Stephens City, Va. 22655

New for 2020

The Scholarships are also open to Home Schooled and Private Schooled college bound Seniors this coming year. Send letter to WFCCC at PO Box 1431, Stephens City, Va. 22655 for application information.

The Scholarship's are funded by annual raffle ticket sales, 50/50 ticket sales at meetings and picnic, contributions from members, and a special Trap shoot. All Gross proceeds derived from the benifit raffle go in to The WFCCC Scholarship Fund established and the Club covers the cost of prizes and printing costs.


Clay Bird Trap Shoots

During the summer months, weather permitting, clay bird shooting competition will be held each Thursday evening at 6:30 pm.  Prizes are awarded with all Clay birds provided. Bring your own shotgun and shells and enjoy the lighted trap shooting area at the evening shoot. VOICE activated release for PAT Trap.

FOR Member and Guests Safety - All guns must remain unloaded with open actions until you are setup on line for your turn to shoot.


 2020 schedule will start Thursday 5/21/20 through First of October . 

Cost for 10 Clay Bird round at 5 positions/2 shots at each position is $2.00

Cost for 25 bird round if two traps in operation is $4.00 Adults/$3.00 for Children under age 18


Still Target Shooting – 12 gauge Shotgun

(Time changed to 1 pm) 

 Still target shooting matches are held from Indoors at the clubhouse beginning at 1 pm on the First and Third Saturdays each month. Bring your 12 Gauge shotgun to use and all shells are provided by the club. Lots of cash prizes are awarded. Shooting area is lighted. 

The schedule for these shoots for October through May  will be posted on this websites CALENDAR page.

FOR Member and Guests Safety - All guns remain unloaded with actions open if applicable and standing in racks inside clubhouse until you are on line for your turn to shoot.

Note: The Rifle and Pistol ranges are open during 12 Gauge still target shoots!


Fishing at WFCCC 

A Virginia State fishing license is required for all fishermen over the age of 16. A Va. State trout stamp is not required while fishing the lake on club property. The Lake is stocked 4 times yearly with large trout and fishing is allowed by members & their spouses, children and grandchildren under the age of 18 of members immediate family. The limit is 4 trout per day per person and 4 Black Crappie(8" in length) per day per person. No catch and release on trout caught. Largemouth Bass fishing is closed in our lake. Stocked Triploid Grass Carp caught in the lake should be immediately released as they control the vegetation growth in our lake. Lake is open for fishing before, during and after the March 19 & April 30 stocking. The WFCCC Lake stocking of Trout for the Easter Saturday Family & Member Fishing opener April 11, 2020 will be done 3-4 days before and Lake will be closed from April 5, 2020 until Easter Saturday April 11, 2020 at 12:30 pm, opening for children 12 and under, and then 1:30 pm for adults. 

This was canecelled due to Covid Virus!

At the 2020 Easter Saturday Trout opener on Saturday April 11, 2020, the fishing for kids will be one hour long as opposed to 30 minutes and Start at 12:30 pm instead of 1 pm! There will also be a free raffle of fishing gear supplied by the Club for kids age 12 and under during the event.


Hunting at WFCCC Properties and Leased property

The Club properties and its leased property are open for hunting by Members, Spouses, and their children and grandchildren under the age of 18. All spouses and children must be accompanied when hunting by WFCCC member carrying their membership card. Members should always have their WFCCC membership card on them when on the club or leased property. All Va. Sate game laws regulated under DWR are in force when hunting on Club owned or lease property. There are Squirrels, Turkeys and Deer abundant on the Club and leased property. Doe hunting is permitted and one doe per licensed hunter is allowed per season on our owned property. Limits on does harvest on Club owned property are reviewed yearly to determine whether the deer herd needs time to re-populate. No doe limit on leased property.

No permanent tree stands(ladder stands inclusive) or shooting huts of any kind are allowed on club properties or its lease. Permanent means that if you erected a stand today and left it for hunting tomorrow, you are violating club rules. The tree stand you carry in today must be removed today, or it is considered abandoned and can be removed by any member and considered confiscated without recourse.

The north side boundary of the main property can be accessed by using White Tail Lane off of Rt. 522 North. The property boundaries are marked with No Trespassing signs labeled with WFCCC Property. The Southern most area of property adjacent to club house, shelters, shooting ranges, fishing lake and open area between, which is approximately 30 acres, is posted for No Hunting as a safety zone for non hunting members and guests. The directions and map of our new 97 acre property in Shenandoah county are listed above under the TAB 97acresShenCo. Sunday hunting on Club OWNED property as per Virginia State Game Laws is allowed anytime after September 30th thru May 1st the following year. No hunting on Sundays is permitted from May 1 thru September 30th each year on main Club Property - 460 acre tract.

Sunday Hunting is also permitted on Leased property at Unimin Sand Mine in Gore, Va., with a permission slip signed by Eric Heflin or Steve Hunt or Rich Sankovich or Marshall Shiley! Permission slips for Sunday hunting 2020/21 at Unimin Sand Mine lease are available at meetings, Mail, or e-mail request.

This is in accordance with the Laws and Regulations published by DWR of Virginia. Contact one of us through phone or e-mail to receive it if you did not attend meeting, or Middletown Firearms is out of the permission slips when you ask for one after presenting valid membership card.

HUNTER SAFETY – Florescent/Blaze Orange or Pink clothing as required by Virginia Game Laws must be worn when hunting on any Club property or lease.



WFCCC Club Owned Land:

Frederick Co. Virginia Parcels by Tax Map ID

29 A 38 -  41.24 ACRES

29 A 43B - 0.88 ACRE

29 A 37B - 112.27 ACRES

19 A 53A - 21.5 ACRES

19 A 81A - 7.3 ACRES

19 A 52E - 54.32 ACRES

19 A 51 -   29 ACRES

19 A 50 -  5.5 ACRES

19 A 27 -  138.19 ACRES

19 A 49 -  50 ACRES

Shenandoah Co. Virginia Parcels by Tax Map ID

40 A 20 - 97 ACRES

40 A 19 - 43 ACRES


WFCCC Annual Dues for 2021 Renewal

Are due and payable to WFCCC on or before October 7, 2020 to retain current Individual member status and/or must be post marked and sent to Rich Sankovich by October 7, 2020. 

2021 Dues Collection & Membership renewal started to be collected on June 15, 2020. Individual Membership application cards along with Newsletter and Raffle Tickets for 2020 membership was mailed out on June 13, 2020. Should be mailed and or paid for by October 7, 2020 to retain current membership status. Pay early so you don't forget as anything after 10/7/20 is considered as a New Member and costs $100 instead of our $30 & $60 renewal fees for current members.

Individual Membership in WFCCC is limited to people residing in the following Virginia Counties and all cities and towns within same: Frederick, Clarke, Warren and Shenandoah.

Mail Check Payable to: WFCCC at PO Box 1431/Stephens City, Va. 22655

Please include self addressed stamped envelope to help defray mail costs and save club funds for your paid membership card return to you. Members are encouraged to pay their dues early.

New Members ---------- $100.00 for 1st year(can join as early as June 15th 

                                       each year and receive up to 15-1/2 months of  

                                       Membership), and/or you can join by attending a 


No New Club Memberships will be issued between May 15th and June 14th each year!

Renewing Individual Members under age 65 at 10/7/20 --- $60.00 per year when paid on or before last meeting date

Renewing Individual Members age 65 or older at 10/7/20 - $30.00 per year when paid on or before last meeting date

Life members ----------- $20.00 per year / Nominated at Club meeting and voted on by members for exceptional work & contribution to Club


Winchester-Frederick County

Conservation Club, Inc. 


The club currently owns a 460 acre parcel in Northern Frederick Co. off of Rt. 522 north/Rt. 600 east. The property is 93% wooded allowing for hunting, with 7% open area(about 30 acres) which has shelters, shooting ranges, fishing lake, childrens play area, is mostly open and grassed where Hunting is not allowed. The open area contains a Clubhouse, Five shelters, Archery range, Pistol and Rifle ranges, Still target and Trap shooting ranges, Fishing lake, Horseshoe pits, Children’s playground area w/Swings, See Saws, Spring riders, and a Volley ball area with net. Outdoor charcoal grills located at some shelters along with picnic tables. The Club House and the Large enclosed shelter are both air conditioned for summertime comfort. Multiple trails exist within the 460 acre property for hiking, bird watching, and mountain biking. No ATV’s are allowed to be used on Club properties other than to retrieve harvested game. The property is not gated and is open 365 days a year for the members and family use. There is no club like this club in the surrounding area that has these amenities and is always open for the members and their family/guests enjoyment. All members and guests are encouraged to pick up and dispose of any trash found on the property to keep it pristine for them and others to enjoy. No Alcohol is allowed on Club Property.

The Club just recently(Sept. 2015) purchased a 97 acre property in Shenandoah County that is 85% wooded and 15% meadow as well as an adjacent 43 acre property know as the Zirkle property on East side of it during early 2017. The 97 acre property boundary on 3 sides is GW National Forest. These properties are open for hunting and other recreational activities and have been posted with our signs. For directions to the property and a map of the property, send an email to or go to top line on this website for directions and map - Labeled "97acreShenCo". If you hunt these properties, it is a good idea to have a National Forest Stamp in addition to your hunting license in case you cross our boundary line into the GW National Forest. Remember that hunting rules and regs on National Forest can be different than private property. Read the rules and regs for both! It was decided at a previous meeting that target shooting on the 97 acre owned parcel would be allowed, but that the persons shooting must assure that a good backstop for bullets is utilized to prevent ricochets or unsafe conditions down range. Target shooting on Shenandoah Co. properties is not allowed during Deer seasons whether Muzzleloader, Archery or Rifle & Shotgun.

The Club leases one additional property - 200 acres at the Unimin Sand Mine, Frederick Co. in Gore - directions and layout on back bottom of WFCCC newsletter. 


Rifle and Pistol Ranges (updated 6/4/19)

OPEN at 8 am & CLOSED at 1/2 hour before SUN DOWN!

NO Fully Automatic weapons allowed on Pistol or Rifle 

Range and NO BUMP stocks allowed at any range! 

Shotguns can be used on either rifle range! 

Set your target at preferred distance from bench and shoot from bench!


Rules established and approved by Membership at 

8/15/2018 Club Meeting!

NO Shotguns, Rifles or A/R's allowed on 

Pistol range at anytime!

Rifle and Pistol Ranges closed from 6 pm until end of all Club Membership Meetings! Voted on and APPROVED at Club meeting 4/18/18. 

Both of the ranges are open for INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS use only and the following -  A Members Spouse or Children and Grandchildren under age 18 may enjoy the same privledges as a current up to date Member when accompanied by the Member. 

GUESTS of Members MAY NOT SHOOT at these ranges and   NO GUESTS allowed on or at Shooting Ranges at any time!

Do not jeopardize your membership by bringing a guest to shoot or hunt. 

The Club does prosecute Non-Members for Trespassing if found shooting on our Ranges or hunting on our Properties!

Paper Targets only - NO cans, bottles, water jugs, steel plates, drum lids, rolling or spinning targets etc. allowed on Pistol or Rifle Ranges!

Children MUST stay directly with adult member who brought them. They cannot wonder around or play on or at any ranges while parents are shooting! This is EXTREMELY important for the safety of the children!

Both of these ranges are closed to any Sunday shooting from May 1st though September 30th. We ask that you clean up your used targets, trash and shells and place in the containers provided at the ranges marked for this purpose. We also ask that you be courteous in your shooting times to allow for others who show up to shoot an opportunity to do so.

Safety is key on the Rifle and Pistol ranges:

No loaded weapons allowed down range

All weapons unloaded when not in use at range & actions open

Always point your weapon away from people/vehicles in a safe direction

CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK your weapon before and after each use

Always treat your weapon as if it was loaded even if its NOT!

If two or more are shooting, appoint a Range Safety Manager

Never walk in front of a LOADED or UNLOADED weapon

NO CHILD may Play or Roam around any ranges!



Archery Range

The range is in good repair and located in the old pistol range area which is down the dirt road past the picnic pavillion and children playground. No firearm shooting is allowed in this area. We ask that you clean up your used targets, trash and place in the containers provided at the ranges marked for this purpose. We ask that you be courteous in your shooting times to allow for others who show up to shoot an opportunity to do so. There are now 5 lanes to shoot from as well as a Tree Stand and a Crossbow bench. Bring your own Saftey harnass for Tree Stand use!

Safety is Key on the Archery Range

No loaded crossbows down range

Cross Bows should be unloaded when not in use at range

Always point your weapon away from people/vehicles in a safe direction

If two or more are shooting, appoint a Range Safety Manager

Never walk in front of a LOADED or UNLOADED weapon

Never fire an unloaded crossbow – injury can occur

NO GUESTS ALLOWED AT ARCHERY RANGE! Members & Spouse & Children & Grandchildren under 18 ONLY!


New WFCCC Individual Members

New Individual members are requested to attend the first scheduled club meeting the month after they joined. This meeting is for swearing in, receiving club information, receiving club decal for vehicles, familiarize themselves with club rules and regulations and receive Welcomes from existing club members. If a membership cap should occur, all current renewing members have first priority of membership to WFCCC if dues are paid on time. New Individual Members signing up at Middletown Firearms can begin using their membership same day as they joined. 

Remember: You must carry your Individual membership card with you at all times when you are on Club Owned Property or Club Leased property. Your family members may not be on Club property without your presence.


Address Changes

Please inform Rich Sankovich if your address changes during the year, at Phone 540-431-9367 or e-mail to


Easter Egg Hunt - April 11, 2020 & Trout opening day at Club

Due to Virus conditions, the events were cancelled this year! The stocking of trout did take place.

Trout fishing for children 12 years old and under will start in the WFCCC lake at 12:30 pm until 1:30 pm on Saturday April 11, 2020.  415 trout will be stocked 3 to 4 days before this opening day. The 15 extra fish will be breeders and anywhere from 15 to 22 inches long! The Lake will be closed April 5th prior to this stocking and re-opened on Saturday April 11, 2020 for this event. After 1:30 pm, the lake is open to fishing by all. The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will start at 3:00 pm for members children and grandchildren and their guests 12 years old and under at the Club property. The Easter egg hunt is broken up in to three age groups so that all get a chance to find some EGGS.


WFCCC Monthly Meetings 2020 

Meetings held March through September on 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Clifton Arnold enclosed shelter at the main club property off 522 North of Winchester on Siler Road/Route 600. Last meeting of year will be First Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 6:30 pm and Game Wardens on hand to explain any new game and fish regulations as well as answer questions from the members. Rifle and Pistol Ranges closed from 6 pm to end of meeting each month.

It is important for members to attend monthly meetings, as it is your opportunity to present suggestions to the club, vote on changes, additions and improvements to our clubs operation and give input on any club issues that arise. This is a MEMBER operated Club and decisions made to Policies, Procedures, Rules, Constitution or By-Laws are by 2/3 approval vote by the Members, not the elected Board of Directors or Officers.

If you want to see changes in the Club whether in how it operates or the facilties that we have, you must attend a meeting, make the motion, have it seconded and then voted on by the membership. Voicing opinions with dues renewal letters, verbal conversations, web site messages, e-mails or phone calls will not allow your suggested changes to occur. The Membership must vote 2/3 in favor of it at a meeting to make it happen. You make the motion at the meeting to initiate a change and if seconded, and then it is voted on. A 2/3 Majority vote of memebrs at a meeting rules for changes in the operation of our club.


Individual Membership & Joining Club

Individual Membership in the WFCCC is open to all residents of Clark, Frederick, Shenandoah & Warren counties and cities/towns within same. No out of State memberships unless you previousley lived in City or Counties above when a member and kept your dues up to date upon relocation! Please pay your annual dues as early as possible. Current membership card MUST be carried with MEMBER at all times when on the WFCCC owned properties or its leases. All guests and anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by the card carrying MEMBER when on club properties or its leases. 

Memberships are for Individual Members, and not considered a FAMILY membership. The individual member must be present when any family member is on club properties and have membership card for that individual member available to present when asked! Members are 18 years of age and older and at age 18 or older, must join in order to hunt, fish or shoot with a family relative who is also a member.

You can join the Winchester Frederick County Conservation if you meet requirements above as far as residency by either coming to a monthly meeting and paying by check or cash the sum of $100.


Shelter Reservations

Master calendar of Shelter reservations is handled by Eric Heflin.  

Eric's phone number is 540-931-3655



Dogs at WFCCC property

It is a Club rule that No Dogs are permitted on Club owned or Club leased property except for hunting purposes. In addition, SERVICE DOGS are allowed on Club property as long as they are under control of the owner. Most service dogs are identified with a vest that is labeled as service dogs in case there are any questions concerning same.


Leased Property for Hunting

WFCCC leases 200 acres at the Unimin Sand Mine at Gore, Va. for hunting only. Take Rt. 50 west to Gore, Turn left on Rt. 704. The Club lease of 200 acres of property is on the left hand side of Rt. 704 and is marked by No Trespassing signs by the WFCCC on the perimeter of the property tract. You should familiarize yourself with the property boundaries leased by the Club before hunting this tract. This property can be hunted on Sundays if you have a signed permission slip for Sunday hunting from one of the officers of the Club. There are signed permission slips also at Middletown Firearms for Club members and available at Club meetings. No doe harvest limits on Leased land.


Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc. is a 501-7c non-

profit organization registered with the Virginia State Corporation 

Commission. It is governed by the Officers and Directors listed below 

who are elected from the current membership rolls during its annual 

elections. The Club operates through the utilization of the Constitution 

and By-Laws that was voted on and ratified by the membership. 

The Constitution and By-Laws were amended on 9/16/20 to include a 

Whistleblower Policy, Conflict Of Interest Policy and Document 

Retention & Destruction Policy. 

Copies are available to any Member if written request sent 

to WFCCC, PO Box 1431, Stephens City, Va. 22655


WFCCC Officers for 2021

President -------- Eric Heflin           Phone - 540-931-3655

Vice President --- Marshall Shiley     Phone - 540-532-4898

Treasurer ----------Steve Hunt        Phone - 540-869-7077

Secretary -------- Rich Sankovich    Phone - 540-431-9367

2 Year Directors - Ken Corbett, Michael Collins, Ken Morris, 

                         Duncan Scholfield, Donald Ramey, Kirk Gordon

1 Year Directors - Jeff Feltner, Bill Michael, Jackie Roberts, 

                         Jim Osborn, Barbara Gamble, Gerald Hendricks


Honorary Member for Life – George Quarles




Membership dues, Still Target shoots, Clay Bird trap shoots, Donations received for use of shelters, Annual Auction at picnic, Personal donations from members, and Sale of timber when deemed appropriate by Forester.

Income for Scholarship

Raffle ticket sales, Prizes and cost of Raffle tickets given to scholarship fund from Club General Fund to pay for same, Meeting 50-50. Picnic 50-50, Picnic auction items donated specifically to be sold to support scholarships, Scholarship donations.


Liability insurance, Property insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance, Land Loan Payments, Land leasing for hunting, Property Taxes, Four $500 college scholarship's and expenses for raffle plus multi year membership's for deserving High School Senior's from the counties or cities within membership area, Printing costs for newsletter, membership cards & raffle tickets, Postage, Vehicle decals, Office supplies, Newspaper ads, Electricity, Johnny Blue rental, Dumpster service, Emergency  telephone, Four Trout stockings, REstocking the lake with other game fish, Excess costs for annual picnic, Building and Grounds maintenance, machinery repair and fuel, Road maintenance, Shooting and Archery ranges upkeep, Shells and Targets for Still and Trap shoots, Equipment repair/replace for trap shooting and tractors, Signage for properties perimeters both owned and leased, Officers and Directors annual meeting & dinner, Food and Drink for members at last monthly meeting, Food and Drink for Member work day, donations to local fire and rescue, memorials for members who have passed away, and Legal costs as and when needed.

Expenses for Scholarship's

$2000 awarded annually in $500 increments to qualified College bound students seeking degree in Conservation Based curriculum.



Club Usage Data from Members - 2012/13 membership year

Hunters – (36%)         Fisherman – (42%)        Picnic – (23%)  Rifle range – (61%)

Pistol Range – (56%)   Archery Range – (17%)   Clay bird shooters – (10%) 

.22 Shoot – (15%)         Still Target – (11%)

Club Usage Data from Members - 2013/14 membership year 

Hunters - 54%     Fisherman - 61%     Picnic - 41%            Rifle Range - 83%        Pistol range - 73%   Archery - 26%     Clay Birds - 19%     Still Targets - 20%  

.22 shoot - 23%   No Data Recv'd - 16%

Club Usage Data from Members - 2014/15 membership year

Hunters - 58%      Fisherman - 59%     Picnic - 36%            Rifle Range - 83%   Pistol Range - 77%   Archery - 24%      Claybirds - 15%       Still Targets - 19%  

.22 shoot - 21%     No Data Recv'd - 30%

Club Usage Data from Members - 2015/16 Membership year

Hunters - 56%       Fisherman - 59%     Picnic - 33%           Rifle Range - 82%

Pistol Range - 77%    Archery - 26%      Claybirds - 17%      Still Targets - 17%

.22 Shoot - 17%     No Data Recv'd - 18%

Club Usage Data from Members - 2016/17 Membership year

Hunters - 62%       Fisherman - 67%     Picnic - 39%          Rifle Range - 92%

Pistol Range - 89%   Archery -  34%     Claybirds - 22%     Still Targets - 18%

No Data Recv'd - 10%

Club Usage Data from Members - 2017/18 Membership year 

Hunters - 51%       Fisherman - 60%      Picnic - 37%        Rifle Range - 82%

Pistol Range - 81%   Archery - 28%       Claybirds - 19%   Still Targets - 17%

No Data Recv'd - 7.5%

Club Usage Data from Members - 2018/19 Membership Year

Hunters - 53%       Fisherman - 65%      Picnic - 40%         Rifle Range - 87%

Pistol Range - 83%    Archery - 32%      Claybirds - 19%    Still Targets - 17%

No Data Recv'd - 9.3%

Club Usage Data from members - 2019/20 Membership Year

Hunters - 51%       Fisherman - 64%      Picnic - 41%         Rifle Range - 85%

Pistol Range - 85%  Archery - 31%       Claybirds - 20%  Still Targets - 17%

No Data Recv'd - 14%

Club Usage Data from members - 2020/21 membership year

Hunters - 52%      Fisherman - 64%       Picnic - 42%         Rifle Range - 89%

Pistol Range - 87%    Archery - 31%    Claybirds - 20%    Still Targets - 17%

No data Recv'd - 11%


Deer Harvest 2011/12 season

36 total reported --- 16 does / 20 bucks

Buck sizes ---7-button, 3 spikes, 4@4pts, 3@6pts, 1@7pts, 2 @ 8pts.

Deer Harvest 2012/13 season

17 total reported - 8 Does /  9 bucks

Buck Sizes ---Two 8pt., One 6pt., Two 5 pt., Two 4 pt., One 3 pt., One spike

Deer Harvest 2013/14 season 

13 Total reported - 7 Bucks / 6 Does

Buck Sizes --- One spike, One 3 Point, One 5 Point, One 6 Point, One 7 Point, Two 8 Point

Deer Harvest 2014/15 season

20 Total reported - 9 Doe / 11 Bucks 

Buck Sizes - Three Spikes, Four 6 pt., One 7 pt., Two 8 pt. and One 9 pt. Buck

Deer Harvest 2015/16 season 

29 Total reported - 12 Doe / 17 Bucks

Buck Sizes - Six Spikes, One Three Pt., Two Four Pt., Two 6 Pt., Four 7 Pt., 

One 8 Pt. and One 9 pt. Buck

Deer Harvest 2016/17 season 

13 Total reported - 6 Doe - 7 Bucks

Buck Sizes - Two Spike, One 4 pt., Two 6 pt., Two 8 pt.

Deer Harvest 2017/18 season

27 Total Reported - 14 Doe - 13 Bucks

Buck Sizes -Three Spike, One 3 Pt., Three 4 pt., Two 6 pt., One 7 pt., Two 8 pt., One 10 pt.

Deer harvest 2018/19 season

21 Total Reported -  10 Doe -11 Bucks

Buck sizes - Three Spikes, One Three pt., Three 4 pt., Two 6 pt., Two 7 Pt.

Deer Harvest 2019/20 season 

30 Total Reported - 15 Doe - 15 Bucks

Buck sizes - Three Button, Three Spike, Two four point, One Five point, Two Six point, Two Seven point, Two 8 point

**Special Note - If you've read down this far, before and during the Club meeting on 10/2/19, there were 23 Wild Turkeys eating in our field next to the lake!.......**Gobble-Gobble!**


Pictures at left in descending order:

Marshall Shiley in his Speedy Boat intalling air diffusers in Lake

Three of the Four 2020 WFCCC Scholarship winners

Pictures of Trout fishing at Club 2020

Lake water Testing

Fish Kill at Club lake noted 9/25/19

Piebald buck from Frederick County

Pictures from 2019 Club Picnic

2019 Club scholarship winners

2019 Easter Saturday Trout opener -21 pictures

Targets conditions at the Pistol range

Mac Tlumach - Last Deer hunt in Pennsylvania - Fall 2018

Kubota Tractor & accessories purchased for club maintenance

Treestands illegally installed & left on club property

2018 Scholarship winner Eleanor Welch

Six Pictures of 2018 Club picnic 9/2/18

Two pictures of fish kill found at lake 9/3/18

2nd CrossBow shooting bench built for Archery Range at August 2018 Club workday.

2018 Scholarship Winner Sydney Aschenbrenner

Male Copperhead Snake

2018 Scholarship Winner Jared Rice

2018 Scholarship Winner Brandon McDonald

Pictures from Shendoah Co. WFCCC Property workday

6/3/18 Flooding at the Club - 3 pictures

4/9/18 - White Deer after todays snowstorm - Frederick Co.(not on Club Property)

18 Pictures of 3/31/18 Trout Opening day at Club Lake

Pictures of Trout stocking March 8, 2018

Pictures of Trout caught at our lake 11/28/17

Picture of Trout/Striped Perch/Crappie caught at our lake 10/21/17

Next seven pictures are of 2017 Club Member Guest Picnic held September 9, 2017

Shooting Bench installed at Archery range for Crossbow users 8/19/17.

Kendall Benoit - 2017 WFCCC Scholarship winner w/Club Officers

New Tree Stand installed at Archery Range

Bath 1 -Womens bathroom remodeling

Bath 2 - Mens bathroom remodeling

0000 - April 17th, 2017 Perry Lewis Fish from Club Lake

000 - Six new benches installed at lake - Peter Mangione's Eagle Scout Project

00 - Archery Range Target Improvements

0 - Hannah Wilson - 2016 WFCCC Scholarship winner w/Club Officers

1. M. J. Shorty Billmyer Club House

2. Clifton Arnold Enclosed Shelter

3. Club House rear .22 and 12 ga. shooting positions

4. Club House rear .22 and 12 ga. targets area

5. Clifton Buddy Marple Trap range

6. Carlton Ramey Large open shelter

7. Kids Playground area - Swings and sliding board

8. Archery target area

9. View of Club house and Large enclosed shelter from shooting range

10. Beatty - Kelly Shooting range Rules

11. Vernon Haines lake view from East end

12. 100 yd. target range/shelter

13. 50 yd. target range/shelter

14. Pistol range/shelter front view

15. Pistol range/shelter rear view

16. Archery Range

17 to 24 Easter Saturday 4/15/2017 Trout fishing opener at the Club

25 to 30 Easter Saturday Annual Easter Egg Hunt 4/15/17

32. Clifton "Buddy" Marple posing at the Trap Range he helped create

33 to 36  Thursday Night Trap shoot

37. Gobbler with 8-9" beard sweet talking a hen

38. - Eric Heflin - Club President w/ Davis Weddle - 2015 WFCCC scholarship 


July 23, 2020 - Marshall Shiley (WFCCC-VP) in his Inboard Powered Speedboat (2 LP (leg powered)) as we prepared to install the new underwater compressed air aeration system diffusers in the Club lake. System compressor started up and currently running 4 times daily in 2 hour increments. More dissolved oxygen to our lake from now to the Fall. Thanks Marshall & Kirk & Gerald also!!!

Chloe Phillips - 2020 WFCCC Scholarship winner from
Skyline High School with
Steve Hunt/Treasurer, Eric Heflin/President
and Marshall Shiley/Vice-President of WFCCC

Charles Shepley - 2020 WFCCC Scholarship winner from
Millbrook High School

Mindi Freed - 2020 WFCCC Scholarship winner from
Stonewall Jackson High School

March 19, 2020 - The Trout fishing season at Club lake begins - 300 stocked Regular Rainbows and Goldens! Notice the Social distance everyone is keeping between themselves and others!
Next Stocking October 8, 2020 at 10 am and lake is OPEN for Fishing!

March 19, 2020 - This young fella has two nice trout on his stringer before Mom or Dad got their first one!

Trout in the Net - Ground a little slippery coming up to lake, so all 300 Trout had to be carried up the hill! Thanks to Orndorff Fish Hatchery! 3/19/20

Dissolved oxygen test results on 2/5 and 2/12/20 - Shows a 8-10 parts per million oxygen content in our Club lake.

3/4/20 Test showed 10-12 parts per million oxygen content!

3/10/20 Test showed 12 parts per million oxygen content! - Minnows swimming around pond perimeter. Looking good!

9/12/19 - 2nd year Buck - found a Grape Vine in Frederick Co. - Nicknamed "Swirley"

Girls just want to have fun!
This little angel had a lot of fun at our annual Club picnic 9/1/19

Club Member and Auctioneer Scotty Brannon during our annual auction at the Club picnic 9/1/19. Thanks Scotty for another successful auction and those grilled dogs You and your Mrs. fixed for the early crowd.

Jordan Springs Market catering group serving our 200+ attendees at our annual picnic 9/1/19 and yes that Mac-N-Cheese addition to our menu was a hit with all who tried it!

Eric Heflin - President of WFCCC addresses the crowd with memories of those members that have passed who excelled at service to the club over 51 years gone by, and then led grace before our meal - Club Picnic 9/1/19

Gerald Hendricks and Ken Morris - WFCCC Directors working the table with food ticket and 50/50 ticket sales

Great day for the annual Club picnic on 9/1/19 with over 200 adults and children in attendance! The pulled pork, smoked chicken and all the fixings provided sure hit the spot for those hungry picnic folks! 5 different kinds of pie for dessert was a pleasant ending to the meal!

August 10, 2019 workday at the Club. Lots of hungry workers enjoyed the lunch provided.

August 10, 2019 workday at the club allowed the use of our new Kubota tractor as the brush line was cleaned up beyond our trap ranges as well as the excess brush along our 50 and 100 yard rifle ranges.

Christopher Pate (center) 2019 WFCCC Scholarship winner from James Wood High School being presented with $500 scholarship check.

Erin Orgen (center) 2019 WFCCC Scholarship winner from Sherando High School being presented with $500 scholarship check.

Kelsie Keene (center) 2019 WFCCC Scholarship winner from Skyline High School with Marshall Shiley(r) and Eric Heflin(l) being presented with $500 scholarship check.

Zach Otley (center) 2019 WFCCC Scholarship winner from Millbrook High School being presented with $500 scholarship check.

21 Pictures below of Happy faces and families who took part in the opening day of Trout Fishing at the Club Lake on Saturday 4/20/19. Several Raffle winners also holding their new rods and reels along with some extra tackle!

Five new target boards installed at Pistol Range on March 25, 2019 - Distance from edge of concrete pad to target's face is 36 Feet (12 Yards)

Trout stocking at 10:39 am on 3/21/19 in our Club Lake. Fish were flying out of the tube. 300 Trout stocked - 250 Reg. Rainbows and 50 Golden Rainbows!

Hillary M. 'MAC' Tlumach during his Deer

 hunt in Pennsylvania last November

"Mac" 1941-2019 Rest In Peace

February 17, 2019 WFCCC Pistol range - This is whats left of the
target framing and target backing!

Brochure image of our new Kubota MX5200 tractor with bucket purchased for use at Club properties!
Unit is 4 wheel drive

Brochure image of Backhoe attachment purchased with our Kubota tractor.


This tree stand was found on Club Property off of White Tail Lane on Sunday November 11, 2018 was considered abandoned!

Follow the RULES!

No tree stands may be erected and left on Club Property!

IN and OUT same day only!


Tree stand found 11/13/18 off of Peppermint Springs Lane access to and on Club Property. Same rules apply - Was removed as it was considered to be abandoned. Any tree stand found on club property is always considered abandoned.

Mac Tlumach WFCCC Treasurer on Sunday 11/4/18 dumping in fish to restock the WFCCC Club Lake

Fish wagon arrives at Club to restock the lake with Crappie, Blue Gills, Red Ears, Bass, Minnows & Catfish 11/4/18

Bucket full of Sunfish ready to restock Club lake on Sunday 11/4/18

Mac Tlumach & Eric Heflin presenting a WFCCC 2018 -  $500 scholarship award to Eleanor Welch at the Club Picnic 9/2/18

The donated items piling up for our annual Auction at Club Picnic 9/2/18

Auctioneer & Club Member Scotty Brannon plying his trade at our Club Auction 9/2/18

Two Lovebirds! - 81 year old, and a founding member of WFCCC, Clifton Buddy Marple, with his wife of 59 years at the Club picnic!

The line was pretty long for the food at Club Picnic - 9/2/18

The line strecthed out into the lawn for the food at Club picnic - 9/2/18

The Dessert section of the Food line of the Picnic - 9/2/18

Fish Kill found at Club lake 9/2/18

Picture of Club Lake condition from Road side with aerator in the top of picture! - 9/2/18

New shooting bench built at Club Member workday Saturday August 18, 2018 for Crossbow use at the
Archery Range.
To be installed once post holes are dug.

Sydney Aschenbrenner -  2018 Conservation of Natural Resources Scholarship winner receiving her award from Mac Tlumach(WFCCC Treasurer) with the President and Board of Directors at the August 15, 2018 Club Meeting!

This picture of a Male Copperhead is from 10 feet away with the Zoom on my camera. He was about 4 feet long and as you notice tensed for a strike. He stayed in this position for 10 minutes straight. Magnificent colors and pattern, but also know that Female Copperheads are more grey in color. The photo was taken off of Greensprings Road in Frederick Co.

2018 WFCCC $500 Scholarship Winner - Jared Rice (center) with Eric Heflin (WFCCC President) and Mac Tlumach (WFCCC Treasurer) presenting award.

2018 WFCCC $500 Scholarship Winner - Brandon McDonald (center) with Eric Heflin (WFCCC President) and Mac Tlumach (WFCCC Treasurer) presenting award.

18" Fallen Oak blocking entry into WFCCC property in Shenandoah Co. 50 ft. in from the gate. 40 ft high leaning widow maker above it. Workday 6/20/18

Mac Tlumach on Chainsaw - WFCCC Treasurer, with Duane Ridings & Henry Sliwinski - Strasburg members of the Club - 6/20/18

Duane, Rich and Henry after a chainsaw massacre of 18" Oak and 40 Ft. pine removal opening up road into WFCCC property in Shenandoah Co. 6/20/18

6/4/18 - After the flood - inside of Clubhouse after a foot of muddy water!

6/3/18 Flooding at the Club - Picture taken from Dam Breast/Shooting range side of Lake

6/3/18 Flooding at the Club - Picture taken from Road side of Lake

Arthur Tilson at the Club lake 4/22/18 with one of the Lunkers stocked this year. Fish was 18-19 inches long and looked to be around 3.5 to 4 Lbs.
Nice looking Rainbow

New Pistol & Rifle Range's signs installed 4/11/18 - Please read and adhere to the Rules!
Report infractions to any
Club Officer or Director!

April 9, 2018 - Another Snowflake appears after the Snowstorm today! Picture is not from a Club property - but is in Frederick Co., Va.

Bill Michael - 50 year Club member and also on Board of Directors waiting for that BITE! 3/31/18 Opening day of Trout at the Club

Nice limit of Trout - 3/31/18

Raffle winner of Fishing tackle 3/31/18

Raffle winner of fishing tackle - 3/31/18

Raffle winner of Fishing tackle - 3/31/18

First Prize winner of Raffle 3/31/18 - New rod, reel, bait and tackle, plus he caught his four trout limit in 20 minutes! What a Day!

Grandpa's are great! 3/31/18

Just Me and Dad fishin with my
Blue Suede shoes! 3/31/18

Two Down and Two to go! 3/31/18

Look what I got! 3/31/18

Yep - another day with Dad at the lake! 3/31/18


The Feltner family boasts 3 generations of FisherMan & Woman 3/31/18

That Sunfish snuck up on my Hook! 3/31/18

Nice Golden Trout caught by this young fella! 3/31/18

Its a fighter & with a proud Dad! 3/31/18

Grandpa and Me at the Lake! 3/31/18

I'm glad we brought the BIG Net! 3/31/18

Ag Hazlett with a nice
Golden Trout Sunday April 1, 2018 - Her secret bait - Marshmallow & a worm!

March 8, 2018 at 10:30 am -
Getting ready to stock the Trout

March 8, 2018
100 Golden Rainbow Trout on the way!

200 RegulaRainbows Stocked
on March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018 - 300 Total Rainbow Trout stocked today - 200 Regular/100 Goldens

Fish from our lake on Nov. 28, 2017 - see Fishing notes at right.

Fish from our lake Saturday 10/21/2017
see notes to the right

Scotty Brannon - Club member, auctioneer and Part time comedian kept the picnic attendees amused for the full hour of our auction! Club Picnic 2017!!

We had about 60 feet of food served along the buffet line on both sides - what a feast!

We had 3 tables full of items donated to the auction this year that supports the land fund which also included the leftover Chicken, pulled pork, potatoes, cole slaw and green beans! Turned out to be a laugh a minute with our auctioneer in charge!
emember to never rub your nose or chin or scratch your ear during an auction!

We had a Professional Archery instructor for the youngsters this year teaching how to shoot a compound bow. The young lady shooting turned out to be a really good shot from what was observed!

Bounce house was setup by 9:15 am for all the youngin's and they about wore it out during the course of the day!

Scotty Brannon and his wife making those all beef hotdogs on the grill serving them up with some sauerkraut and all the fixings before the event began!

Eric Heflin(Club Pres.) and Mac Tlumach(Club Treas.) in discussion before event kickoff. Also Pictured is Karen Tlumach and Board Member Tyler Payne getting ready to collect money for food tickets, 50/50 raffle and WFCCC shirts/hoodies and Hats offered for sale at the picnic.

Crossbow shooting bench installed at Archery range August 19th workday!

Kendall Benoit - 2017 WFCCC Conservation Of Natural Resources $1000 Scholarship winner with Club Officers Eric Heflin and Mac Tlumach

New Treestand installed at
Archery Range - Bring and Wear YOUR own Safety Harnass

Bath 1
WFCCC Clubhouse

Womens Bathroom remodeled 4/15/17

Bath 2
WFCCC Clubhouse

Mens bathroom remodeled 4/15/17

0000 - Perry Lewis - WFCCC member shows off a nice trout he caught the morning of April 17, 2017!

000 - Six new benches were installed around our lake as Peter Mangione's Eagle Scout Project -
Thanks PETER!!

00 - New Archery Shooting stands
installed at Club Range 10/16

0 - Eric Heflin, Mac Tlumach, and Marshall Shiley with Hannah Wilson who is our 2016 Conservation Of Natural Resources Scholarship Winner of $1000

M.J. Shorty Billmeyer Clubhouse

Clifton Arnold Enclosed Shelter

Club House rear - .22 & 12 ga. target shooting positions

Club House rear - .22 & 12 ga. target area

Clifton Buddy Marple Trap range

Carlton Ramey Large Open Shelter

Childrens play area with swings and sliding board

View of Clubhouse & Large enclosed shelter from Shooting range

Beatty-Kelley Shooting range rules

Vernon Haines Lake - View from East end

100 Yard Rifle range & shelter

50 Yard rifle range & shelter

Pistol range shelter

View of pistol range shelter from target area

Archery Range target area - Old -See TOP picture of Improvements Made Oct. 2016

Trout opening day at Club 4/15/17 - A fishing event for the family!

Grandpa - Please net him already! Trout opening day at Club 4/15/17

Waiting on that first one to bite! Trout opening day at Club 4/15/17

Lookie Here - He's a fighter and won't give up! Trout opening day at Club - 4/15/17

I got a Gold one so far! - Trout opening day at the Club 4/15/17

A fishing family - I got the Net Grandpa! - Trout opening day at the Club 4/15/17.

Fishing is a Family affair. Trout opening day at the Club 4/15/17

Youngest Fisher-toddler at the lake. Trout opening day at the Club - 4/15/17

Got me one and its BIG! - Trout opening day
at the Club 4/15/17

Two down and Two to go! - Trout opening day at the Club - 4/15/17

Nice Golden Trout - Even grownups can catch them - Trout opening day at the club 4/15/17

Bill Michael - WFCCC Director helped to surround the Lake with Fisher-man, woman and child! Over 92 people at lake at 1:30 pm - Trout opening day at Club - 4/15/17

Grandma - I found one!
Easter Egg hunt 4/15/17

The WEE youngin's had thier 
own special area. 4/15/17

Theres Eggs out there! 4/15/17

Excuse me but, Wheres the Eggs! 4/15/17

2015 - 44 years later and here is 
Clifton "Buddy" Marple at the Trap Range

Thursday Night Trap Shoot

Thursday night Trap Shoot

Thursday night Trap Shoot

Thursday Night Trap Shoot

Gobbler sweet talking Hen

Eric Heflin - President of WFCCC and Davis Weddle - 2015 WFCCC Conservation of Natural Resources Scholarship Winner